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Finally, after 20 years, 4 letters, 1 email and countless aborted attempts, I have had a letter printed in 2000AD! Check out this weeks prog, input, letter 1. That's mine!!! Yes! Now if I could just get Tharg to read my Dredd movie screenplay & that 52 part Helter Skelter rewrite I've got tucked away somewhere....(Joke Scojo!)


Thread Zero:
Matt, well done!
Look forward to reading it.
I have had a letter printed in 2k too!
It was Prog 1099.
It was the one with the Dredd on the cover. He was falling from a Block!

Matt, email me your Dredd movie screenplay.

I need a laugh.



Dominic O'Rourke:
mine was printed in prog 2001

mark xiii:
Mine was in 2001 too, and another a few weeks ago :)

Mark - Who never noticed how big Andersons nipples were until he got his figure.


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