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In the past there have been problems with Hotmail users not receiving their passwords, but it seems that there is now a major problem with emails sent from this site being blocked by AOL.

Are there any aol users out there who find they can receive any of the following:

Password reminders
Message Threads
Email verification codes on The 2000AD Artwork Gallery


These emails seem to be just vanishing, i.e. not even bouncing back to any of the site addresses.

If any AOL users can still get site mails, then I'd like to know who and whether only some type of mails are getting through.



Max Kon:
damn AOL

Is there anyone *happy* with AOL?
I'd genuinely like to know, as I'd sooner go without the internet in my home altogether than go back to those unreliable, money-grabbing, constantly disconnecting shits and their IT people who LIE TO YOUR FACE and tell you its your brand new computer that's at fault, even though it was working perfectly well in the shop, *and* when you were using a different service provider.

Yep, Aol can be dodgy there was a time when I couldn't sign on for two whole days, now i'm on a new version and it semms to be more reliable. at the moment

Bad Andy:
Any company that could be so arrogant as to rewrite all your computer's settings and make itself incompatible with half the known universe does not get my vote.

And now they run Warner Brothers.


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