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Jared Katooie:
Since getting broadband I've been spending nearly all my time relaxing online and messing about.

Here are the best sites I have found in my travels linked for your conveniance.

Please feel free to add your own favourites.

The webcomics list.

This site has lots of cool webcomics on it. Some are better than others but most of the fun comes from just diving in at random and being incredibly amazed/frigthened by what you find!

Swords online.

If you like weapons as much as me then you'll love this website. It's got lots of pretty daggers and swords not to mention more exotic equipment like ninja climbing shoes and even inflatable broadswords.


If you like games you can get some real doozies here. There all free too and that means no shareware anywhere.

Weebls stuff.

This site has some good Flash cartoons and games and is updated quite regularly.


A website devoted to scans of the now-cancelled publication Sonic the comic. This was based around SEGA's speedy blue hedgehog and had some great action-packed stories and excellent art. 2000AD droids Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson's earlier work can be seen here. Mick McMahon and Bob Corona's contributions can also be seen.

Sonic the comic online.

An online fan-comic based on the original Sonic the comic. I personally think it's of very high quality and its free too! Bonus!

Albino black sheep.

More bizarre Flash cartoons and games and other stuff as well. Nice little time-waster.


If you have a year or two to spare download the best adventure game ever and play away. It's not for everyone due to its crude graphics and seemingly simplistic gameplay but beware, it's incredibly deep and detailed and if it draws you in it never lets you go...

The hunger site.

Donate food to the hungry merely by viewing adverts. Just click on the link and food will be donated all around the world to people who need it the most.


A site dedicated to entertainment media. It has reviews, videos and images. It's not the prettiest site nor is it the authority on any one subject. However, it offers information on a wide range of subjects and is worth a look.


One of the best webcomics out there at the moment. If you're new to the idea of webcomics check this one out.


Can you evade the evil bricks of doom? This has taken over Floyds mind.


More games. These ones have an extra special sparkle to them.

Happy tree friends.

Cut and cuddly creatures meet horrible agonising deaths in this humorous internet cartoon.

Tv tome.

Do you like TV? Not good enough. If you really love TV shows then this is the site for you. It has all the info on your favourite shows. You can also look up movie info under the Movie tome section.

Imagination at work.

Johnnystress discovered this site and it's great. If you havent tried it yet give it a go and show your masterpieces to one and all!

Zombie infection simulator.

An old favourite of mine. Communicates effectively the implications of a zombie attack on a city full of people.


What is the center of your dark core? Which sexual position are you? The answers to these and similar questions lie on Quizilla. Remember, nothing you believe about yourself can be trusted unless you learn it in a quiz.

Adventure game studio.

If you're a fan of adventure games this site has a program which lets you make your own. It's easy to use and you can share your games with people over the internet. If you dont feel up to making your own games yet you can try some of the ones other people have made. 5 days a stranger and 7 days a skeptic come highly reccomended.


Celebrities are soooo pretty but on this siteyou can stretch their faces and make them ugly! Take that you shall vacuous ninnies!


If you're still bored, go here! There's lots to do.

Actually, can I just make a wee suggestion?  If you set your homepage as
(just copy and paste this into tools/internet options/homepage address), then every time you start up internet explorer, you can click on the bright yellow button on the webpage, automatically donating a cup of food to famine relief charities.
It only takes a moment, and you're making a difference in someone's life.

You forgot to mention the Kontraband website, Jared.  That's where, among many videos of varying levels of humiliation and hilarity, I found this...

Jared Katooie:
Good idea Bear! I've reset my homepage. Hopefully other boarders will as well.


Max Kon:
Why do they need us to click to donate? surely they have the money anyway?

Jared Katooie:
Necro posting here but I do have some new links.


Store your images here and then use the link to show them to all the people on the board. This is the place to put pictures of the new baby you want to show off.


When last I checked this site was working and had some lovely ROMs on it. If you dont have the original game you're not supposed to download these though.


Good Google alternative, especially for sounds and video.

2000AD review.

Easy ecess to the latest reviews!

Big boys.

Dude! This isn't gay pr0n! It's totally about hot chicks and cool $#!+. Seriously man. some of these are totally EN FUEGO! No lie.

Marvel directory.

If you want to know anything about a Marvel character look here first.

Home of the underdogs.

Home to all the overlooked and underrated games of the past. A very good site.

Animated anime gifs paranoia.

The name really says it all.

If you have some good links please contribute to the ultimate links thread while I try to remember some more of my favourites.


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