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Don't know where the title slogan comes from, but it's the theme of my brilliant suggestion.  I think 2000AD and the Megazine should send out a form with each prog, entitling the subscriber to send the next issue as a gift to someone.  An English magazine I read does this and it's quite addictive giving copies of something you like reading to people you like, all fro the price of posting the form or mailing it to the magazine.
   It would of course cost a fortune, but I think it would pay it's way in new subcscriptions.  Anyway, this is mainly for any droids listening in.



Sometimes 2000AD overprints an issue so they can give loads away (e.g. at conventions or to send to lapsed subscribers). What I'd like to see is the occasional full issue made available online. For example, since 2000AD is currently doing quarterly relaunches I'd like to see those 4 issues appear on the website in full at the same time as they appear in the shops. It might slightly reduce the sales of that issue, but should increase the potential sales for the rest of the quarter (assuming that the stories which start in the relaunch are good enough for people to care what happens next)


Thread Zero:
How about each week's prog online too?

scojo saving ?1.40 each week for shooshi's cat food

>How about each week[backslash]'s prog online too?
Would you be prepared to pay, say, 50p per prog for a virtual subscription...i.e. access to progs online as per the thrillviewer or as downloadable pdf files as per borderline?

WakeLink: Borderline

If you really want to see how on-line comics should be done, then can I suggest you go to www.marvel.com and download their dot.comic viewer. You can currently download just under 100 various Marvel titles from Spiderman to X-Men, all of which are viewed in a Flash interface which also gives you access to character portfolios, on-line shopping etc. All of which a beautifully animated with pop-up panels. I would love to see Dredd like this. And it's all free. Cool.



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