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--- Quote from: wedgeski on 16 December, 2021, 03:00:23 PM ---Just the one Google.

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Lemme guess - the Burenia Shine-spark puzzle?

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Link Prime:
Gaming overload since December - I'm at various stages of the following:

Golf Story (Nintendo Switch) - I overlooked this retro Golfing RPG when it was released a few years ago, and have rectified the mistake. Highly addictive game, but getting quite difficult in the final chapter.
House of Ashes (PS5) - The 3rd of the 'Dark Pictures Anthology' and historically the 4th game that my other half has agreed to play / participate with me (she was a huge fan of all the previous Supermassive narrative driven games, including 'Until Dawn'). We are early days on this one, but loving it so far - a nice blend of Aliens and The Decent.
Doom Eternal (PS4) - Purchased on the back of a shockingly entertaining play-through of Doom 2016 last year. It's great, but feels ever so slightly off compared to it's predecessor. I'm getting either crap or lazy, and have lowered the difficulty a few levels in.
Mario Golf (Nintendo Switch) - With my love of the virtual sport recently rejuvenated, it was a no-brainer purchase. A solid game, as you would expect from Nintendo, but surprisingly the lower spec Golf Story has better game mechanics. Go figure.
Just Cause 3 (PS4) - Purchased on the back of a Mr. Pops recommendation earlier in this thread, I got it for about 3 quid in a PSN sale. I am very far along in this, having completed the main story. I'm now just flying around in a golden helicopter blowing shit up for a few more Trophies. A hard game to actually recommend - entertaining for what it is, but I did find it a bit boring and repetitive. Probably should have dipped in and out more.

The Doctor Alt 8:
You'll all call me a filthy casual but I love playing Elder Scrolls Online... When it isn't available I am also playing Destroy All Humans. I love the humour and the 1050 aesthetic

Link Prime:
Some recent unwelcome news for Nintendo fans - they are closing the Virtual Console access on 3DS and Wii U in less than a year, and time is ticking if you want to purchase copies of classic games (some of which will be available via the Switch online subscription, some of which will not).

I gave this probably more consideration than say, buying a new car, and ended up sinking €80 into several purchases on both devices that met certain criteria;

- I don't have the game and want to play it.
- I have the game, it's great, but will I ever boot up the old hardware / system again?

I've been playing the following thus far:

Super Mario Advance 4 (GBA on Wii U)- A souped up version of all time classic Super Mario Bros 3. There's a reason this gem is at the top of the charts. A 30+ year old game which can still delight and frustrate. 2D perfection.

Harvest Moon (GBC on 3DS) - I had a massive hangover last Sunday and sunk the majority of the day into this, only to maddeningly have to delete the file due to a game breaking foul-up (loss of the sickle).

Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA on Wii U) - I can't believe I overlooked this game when it was originally released, mistakenly thinking it was a cash grab remake of the original. It is entirely it's own beast, and is as addictive as Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Samus Returns or the recent 10/10 game Metroid Dread. It plays and looks a dream on the Wii U controller display screen. Just perfect.

I have loads more to get through - the usual titles, but if any of ye have more left-field Virtual Console recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Angry Vince:
If you love RPG's, medieval stories, sandbox and turn based combat? Absolutely brilliant game, picked it up cheap on a Steam sale, have been playing all weekend.
Can't recommend this enough.
Nothing like watching your brute crush three enemy with one swipe of his giant hammer!


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