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Colin YNWA:
Well couldn't decide which of the various Cinebooks threads to pop this into so decided to start a none series specific thread for all Cinebooks conversations and see if that suits.

The reason, well I've just finished Leo's Aldebaran collections and just wanted to add to the chorus of praise over various other threads for this wonderful story. As has been mentioned it does have some pretty clunky dialogue at times, then so did the Scorpion series and it didn't stop me loving that either. At times it reminded me of the dialogue in various 80s kids cartoons that had been translated also, Cities of Gold and Dogtanian spring to mind. More than likely due to difficulties in translation. whatever, that aside an absolute delight.

So far series from Cinebooks have been two for two and I've heard good things about the other stuff I have creeping up my read pile from them. Anyway since I'm not going to a convention for a wee bit I'm off to Amazon to get Leo's sequel to Aldebaran, Belelgeuse lined up...

The Worlds of Aldebaran series is excellent, I picked up the latest book - Antares, episode one - the other week and am now waiting impatiently for Cinebook to hurry up and translate the next one.  The art is fantastic and the alien creatures are both truly alien and at the same same totally believable.  Leo has done a cracking job of creating alien environments.

I've also got the four volumes of Orbital which is a good read, just hope there's more to come otherwise the series has a seriously downer ending and leaves more questions unanswered than it does answered. 

I first started reading them when the local Forbidden Planet got a rather fancy carousel filled with a load of their titles at rather attractive prices (£6-8 a book), and I planned to work through a few series buying one or two books a month.  Sadly the lazy buggers at FP haven't bothered to re-order any stock and the carousel is now slowly filling up with various Marvel and DC titles  :(  Fortunately Amazon seems to stock most of the range and if all else fails I'm thinking of buying straight from the Cinebook website.

Anyone got any suggestions of what I should go for next, XIII looks interesting as does the Chimpanzee Complex.

Richmond Clements:

--- Quote ---I picked up the latest book - Antares, episode one - the other week
--- End quote ---
That's been sitting by the bed with Lady S for about a month or so. Can't wait to get the time to read it.

--- Quote ---Anyone got any suggestions of what I should go for next, XIII looks interesting as does the Chimpanzee Complex.
--- End quote ---
Both good calls. CC is only three volumes, so might be the easiest one to start with. XIII is generally very good too.

As mentioned elsewhere, Long John Silver is astounding, probably the best comic I have read in the last five years.
Western is worth picking up too.
And Orbital.

Colin YNWA:
Well any excuse to talk about the wonderful Cinebook. CSBG have run an article reviewing a load of them and since I always complain about how inward looking the big America comics sites are I guess I should give credit there too (even if he did have to be given the books for nowt!).

Worth checking out I'd say.

Yep, ANY opportunity to mention Cinebook should be grabbed with both hands. And let me take this opportunity to publically thank MR KERRIN, who sent me the latter two thirds of long john silver and all of scorpion- and then i very rudely havent spoken to him since! They are magnificent, and i love them, and will be posting them back to mr kerrin as soon aim paid, as well as buying my own copies.

My favourite book remains The Chimpanzee Complex though- just a quality piece of comics storytelling, which i would urge anyone to pick up.



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