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IMPORTANT: Emergency Message Board now available

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That's okay.
But watch out, it could be the thin edge of the Starlin shaped wedge.

El Spurioso:
Doesn't it cost Barny money every time he gets sent a text, and therefore every time someone posts a message?

[eeevil grin]

Jared Katooie:
See, see? Everyone thought I was the evil one and I never did that sort of thing!

Also, what would qualify as an emergency? Nuclear war? I'm not exactly going to do a post to see if anyone else has noticed while the bombs are falling around me ears...


>the Starlin shaped wedge.

So you're a member of the proletriat, but youre having trouble keeping the doors in the commune from swinging shut. Then you need...

Wake - the heading stays glowy on the message index even when you've read the messages...


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