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I'm on Facebook, are you too.

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For quite a while now I have been on Facebook. Several years actually. Some time after started using the forums here. By the time most of you's got better aquainted with me. I had two Facebook friends fromthis board.You may know them as Small Blue Thing, Mike Gloady, and some years after that there was another one from this board. Nap Normal. Some time afte that, I added my older brother. Bringing it up to four people.

It was on one occasion. Last year that Small Blue Thing thought my friends list was on entirely on the sparse side and he let me know that it needed beefing up. He said the people on this board would be happy to help out in that regard.

Though first, I thought I would start locally. So early yesterday morning,  I Googled a old school friend on the internet. A friend that I had been out of touch since the late 90's and I found him on a web-site. I emailed him letting him know I was on Facebook. Telling him, to send a friend request to my name on Facebook. He did as I requested and I confirmned it. Then I sent out a friend request to a cousin that I was close friends with. A person who I still see at family gatherings. He confirmed my request and pretty soon I was surfing through his friend's list for other school friends I had lost touch with. I sent the small circle of friends I had requests as well. Then I did the same with the rest of my relatives who were on Facebook.

Thinking to myself, why didn't I do this years earlier.
Pretty soon, I had twenty three people added as friends to my Facebook page. With more requests still pending. About a two hours ago. I started sending requests to people whom I believe are on this forum. It's either when I find a familer name. I see on either Small Blue Thing's, Mike Gloady's and  Nap Normal's friends list. I have sent that person a friend request and/or it could be a well known comic book artist or writer like Carlos Esquerra, John Wagner, Dave Gibbons, Alan Moore, Al EwingPat Mills, Henry Flint, Mike McMahon, Glenn Fabry, Mike Collins, David Pugh, Greg Staples, Clint Lanely, Boo Cook,  Simon Davis, Liam Sharp. Among others.

So, if you are on Facebook and you get a friend request from a Michael Patrick Hartwell. That's me. Feel free to either confirm, refuse, or ignore it. I won't be offended either way. Though, I will hope to add you all very soon.

Hey there, just in case you didn't know. I've been really into Facebook lately, (For the past month almost.) and it really blew my mind. Almost literally.

Anyway, I just wanted to know is considered a social faux-pas to tag people you know in photos you have taken of them?

Is it considered  a rude invasion of their privacy?


i never realy tag people, but i am Adam Green Ba hons, on Fb, if any one wishes to add me, they are more than welcome, would love to make conections with other artist and forum members, all i ask is if you send a request just put 2000ad forum member in your would be great. i usally find fb boring but it has this gravitational pull lol already have added a couple of members from the forum and i think its a great way to form links with other like minded indiduals.

Hey,if people don't want tagged, they can disable it.

People should add Michael on FB. He's not a bad lad.


- Trout

I can second that.



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