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If Superheros Were Fat

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Hi Guys, long time no hear.

Just thought I'd let you know about a little microsite we've done for a client who sells Diet Supplements. It asks the question as in the title and shows 5 well known Superheroes getting fat on chips!

Check it out here :

If you like it, share it!

Erm, aren't DC and Marvel likely to sue the arse off you for using their characters in a promotional site?

Did you get permission?

(edit - oops, Radiator beat me to it).

Ooh, do the blob next.

Richmond Clements:

--- Quote ---Disclaimer: DesirableBody and this information is in no way affiliated with Marvel Studios, DC Entertainment, DC Comics or any of the characters included here. We do not accept responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of this information - we've never had a superhero over for dinner.

--- End quote ---

Not sure this covers it..!


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