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what a crap excuse.  Weather!  haven`t they had it before?  buy some umbrellas!

Got my subs from the time stream this pm never fails...

I'm currently reading prog 3478, Judge Dredddd has just been killed (definitely this time) by the Ionoclast Cult of St Death, his son Judge Wagner a liaison between Dredd and the dead Ghost of all the female Chief Judges, called the Matrichief, has sworn vengenge...

but of course I already know all this, but I'm looking forward to the genesis of Judge Dreddddd and how his father Earth Overseer Judge Dreddd disowned him...

killer stuff really looking forward to prog 3477, but I'm really jealous you're all on Prog 1326...

Still plenty of time...

almighty mat:
HAHAHA!! Take it you subscriber bitches!

Now you know what it's like waiting 'til Thursday!


Devons Daddy:
yes its terrible.
we dont want this to happen again. its such torture.
you non subscribers must really hate the fact we all get ours early and dont let you play with us on the spoiler threads.

just wait till next week.only three days to go and we get our next prog. when will you get it. ohhh another week. never mind.
watch out for the spoiler thread Matt.

Ooooh! I just got mine from the newagent. Its a quality prog. Oh yesss.... You guys are really missing out.


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