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If Zenith came back...

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What musical genre would he be into? IIRC between Phase III and Phase IV he dabbled with acid-house and baggy but how would he style himself now that he would be in his, what, late forties or early fifties? I have my own ideas but I'm curious to hear the speculation of others. :cool:

Given the way most bands from the ’80s have gone, he'd be fat and wheeling out the old hits. He always struck me as more Shaun Ryder than Damon Albarn.


Prog 2001's posited him as some kind of Robbie Williams/Eminem hybrid, so after the inevitable breakdown/rehab/Swing album for the grans, he'd have become a judge on a talent show these days.

Interesting stuff so far. I envisaged him as a Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet figure with a sharp suit, open collar with no tie and, of course, the mask; belting out reworkings of the hits along with some classic swing numbers or delving into the Great American Songbook.

Professor Bear:
I think the Simon Cowell analogy rings most true, but ideally there'd be some kind of parallel with his creator, as Morrison has often pointed out the similarities between his own interests and those of his creations, so Zenith could perhaps be hosting conventions named after himself where he's the guest of honor and from which regular people are barred in case they point out that he's not actually famous.  Possibly in the intervening years between his last appearance and the new story he also took on an apprentice of some sort who is now much more successful, though Zenith remains adamant that he isn't jealous and that his apprentice's success is all Zenith's doing despite it only happening years after they went their separate ways, and even then only with material the apprentice came up with all by themselves.  Also he seems to be involved in some kind of bizarre one-way feud with a retired musician no-one's ever heard of, occasionally pointing out that unlike this musician, he - Zenith - has never recorded songs about rape, though people on the internet point out that he's actually recorded songs about rape several times over the years - then someone prints a bunch of old quotes in a blog article on the web that suggests to casual observers that the feud may be entirely in Zenith's own head, which Zenith responds to with an itemised 7000 word rebuttal of every last detail and posts it at four in the morning on one of his mates' blogs, etc.

Although fair play, doing any of the above would just make Zenith seem a faintly ridiculous character.


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