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Papa Roach - Infest

I was 12 years old and it was my first time going into town "on my own" (with mates, no adults). I got it for the song Blood Brothers after hearing it heaps on Tony Hawks Pro Skater. If memory serves it was from Bridge Street Records in Walsall.

Was stolen from me by a ex girlfriend when we broke up. I say stolen, it was at her house along with some other stuff of mine and I was too scared to go and get it back. Have since got myself a new copy for nostalgic reasons.


It's OK.

As far as 'admit' to buying...?
If the Music Police ever did roll up to my door and demand a socially acceptable answer to that question, I would tell them where to go.

If we're talking about actually spending my own money on, the first single was Blondie's Heart of Glass; and the first album would be War of the Worlds; but I was already the proud owner of the first two Muppets albums, A Rolf Harris album and the 7" Action Man single.

I probably only bought one or two more records after this 'cos my first best mate in secondary school had a vast musical knowledge, a great stereo and a humungous record collection (his mum worked for Branson's original Virgin records so he could get just about anything free). I'd just go round his house with a 10 pack of C90s and choose what I wanted him to tape for me. Still got boxes of (largely unplayable now) tapes, but I've replaced most of the core collection on CD and i-tunes .

First single I bought was either Ghostbusters, The Frog Chorus (Paul McCartney and Rupert) or Band Aid.

The first album was Southpaw Grammar by Morrissey. I almost bought either the Billy Joel album that has 'We Didn't Start The Fire' on it or the Turtles movie soundtrack but they were both too expensive so I didn't buy either.

First album I owned was Now 8 that I was given as a birthday present.


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