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Dredd 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray available to pre-order now!

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This has been mentioned in a previous thread, but it seems deserving of its own.

For tech savvy squax the rather good film Dredd is making its UHD debut on 06/06/17!

Wow HD currently seems to have the cheapest price, £17.48 including postage!

Note Ultra HD discs are apparently region free, while the standard Blu-ray disc will most probably be locked to U.S.A region A.

Keef Monkey:
Nice! I haven't upgraded to a 4K telly yet, but am planning to towards the end of the year (once the Scorpio console is out it'll make a lot more sense for me). Now I know what the first 4K movie I purchase will be.

Dr Feeley Good:
Same here....

Steve Green:
Bear in mind, I'm pretty sure that isn't a 3D release in 4K - not even sure 4K/3D standard was ever established.

Keef Monkey:
Yeah, with the prospect of going 4K I now find myself faced with a choice when I buy a lot of blu-rays - do I get the one that comes with a 3D copy or the one that comes with a 4K copy?! Obviously 3D is better for the moment because I can actually get the benefit, but it'd be nice if when I get a 4K telly I've already got some stuff to watch on it.


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