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Neil C:

--- Quote from: GaryUK on 03 February, 2018, 07:47:09 PM ---One series I'd love to see happening is a Gerry Anderson collection with all those Thunderbirds, Stingray et all stories, so why hasn't this happened yet?

--- End quote ---
Eaglemoss tested one in 2013. Presumably it didn't sell well enough as it never went to a national launch.

That's a real shame.  That's one series I would love in my collection.

Panini are repackaging their Marvel Figurines they done a few years back
with the "Marvel Universe Figurine Collection"

Entertainingly inaccurate render of the 16-page pamphlet – sorry, magazine – that comes with each figurine.

Hachette have a new Marvel model collection out called "Marvel Machines"

the models include the SHEILD Quinjet, the Spider mobile (Beach Buggy),  Star-Lord's Bad Boy & Punisher's Battle Van.

each issue is £12.99 & should run for 60 issues


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