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Max Headroom:
I have bought items from the 2000ad shop many times in the past without problems, but now when I click on the shop link it says "Your connection is not secure" - attackers might be trying  to steal your information from shop.2000ad.com and will not let me proceed any further.
Can anybody help in trying to surmount this problem (I'm not great with all matters technical, but any advice would be gratefully received).

Which browser are you using? From a PC, or phone? If so, what phone?

Are you going to the 2000AD website and from there to the shop, or are you clicking on a bookmark you've made?

Same issue here - really like the look of the Dredd "believe it" shirt.  :)
It's marking the certificate as invalid on Chrome. The certificate on 2000ad.com is fine, on shop.2000ad.com, it's marked as invalid.

Are you for some reason being directed to a non-HTTPS address for the shop?

Click your cursor on the address bar and have a check.

EDIT: Could you try again? Although we had recently updated the certificate (see attached), it seems we hadn't updated the certificate chain, so some older browsers may not have liked the certificate. I'd also recommend updating to the latest version of Chrome, if not already on it.


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