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I finally managed to pass the intelligence test to register for this forum. I couldn't get registered the first night, but cracked it the next day. As a Tek-droid, it is an experience I know well. In this case the secret was to type "redd", not "Dredd".

I used to read 2000AD during the 90s. I remember 2000AD wondering whether they should re-title themselves when the millenium turned, so I must have stopped reading shortly after that. I started reading about six months ago. Back in the 90s, I would have said Judge Dredd was usually the 2nd best strip in the comic. Recently, I have usually found Dredd the best strip, but it has had some decent competition recently. I am really loving The Out and hope that the quality keeps up.

Colin YNWA:
Welcome back aboard. There's a host of great stuff to catch up with and look back in out there.

Hopefully we'll get a mod passing by soon as well to give you full rights so you can post your thoughts on current Progs in the review threads. To fight the spambots there are a number or hurdles to get over alas.

Have fun.

Welcome back. 

Welcome back - you started in the 90's?

You've got  so much good stuff to discover.

Greets! Great to see someone back in the fold who had a start in the 90s. And yes, there is a ton of good stuff for you to find.



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