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Hello all

I was a big fan of the comic back in the 90s after being hooked in by the launch of Crisis.

I was soon buying all the fleetway comics right up until the day I watched the Stallone Dredd movie in the theatres.

Lately I started grabbing some of the ultimate collection and then decided to obtain the lot at great expense - shipping to New Zealand is not cheap!

I've been really enjoying what I've been seeing in the ultimate collection - the proposed extension list looks great as it's either real classics or completely new to me thrills.


For that same reason of expensive shipping I went digital (I life in south Africa).  All the progs and meg are available from 2003 on wards if you browse the web store. You will also find that very classics for example Third World are available .You can even get the complete Nemesis, Rogue Trooper, Slaine and Strontium Dog as well.

Colin YNWA:
Welcome aboard.

There some good things in the expansion the complete Red Seas being a particular highlight. Hope your enjoying all the catching up.

Have fun.

Welcome aboard!




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