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Rebellion - You have to package books better and proof-read them better

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Hi guys

I got the Thirteenth Floor Vol.2 today.
It was in a card envelope. It arrived with the lid open and unglued. The corners are foxed and I wouldn't accept a hardback in that condition.

The 'limited' hardback repeats the biographies of all three writers/artists on a duplicate facing page
And the book ends with 4 pages of promotion/adverts which are advertising... Thirteenth Floor vol. 1

Nope. it makes no sense.

Take more time. Package and protect hardbacks better. And do more Quality control please.
Apart from that the repro on the old Eagle & Tiger covers was great. And I'm really glad you're doing this series.

Like, on the one hand, I absolutely agree.
On the other hand, as someone who also works in publishing, current restrictions mean that we no longer get to see/hold/examine physical copies of our books before they get shipped from the printers - so checking on stuff like endpapers is especially difficult!
(Things may be different at Rebellion, as their books are printed closer to home - most of ours are done in China)

There's nothing more disappointing than a basic error in a book, though - hopefully they can fix it and re-ship to people.

That's fair.

I guess seeing a PDF isnt going to scream out "there's a double page" as much as the book.

They still are very good value. Maybe short staffed as well.
It doesn't bother me enough to return.

Errors are a fact of life. I can’t imagine a duplicate page like that would warrant a reprint. QC is also much harder with distributed workforces and general strain on them, and so I do have a lot of sympathy there.

I have less sympathy when it comes to distribution and mailing. There is a massive divergence in how such things are dealt with by companies. When I buy books from some places, they are sent in very sturdy card mailers. Others go for a card sleeve. In some cases, the company is making a balance decision, assuming enough will arrive undamaged to not initiate returns/discounts. (Wordery typically will offer a 50% discount on a damaged item, for example.)

Rebellion’s shipping could do with being ‘upgraded’ for the HCs at least. I’m still wavering over those Nemesis books, in part because they cost 60 quid, but also because I don’t know what condition they will show up in. That really shouldn’t be an issue, and any HC volume is at greater risk of damage because of its weight and the nature of its construction.

Rebellion's books are printed in Malta.


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