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Funt Solo:
Maybe, P.J., notable appearances: it's "Wot I Did During Necroplis" (sic).

Funt Solo:
Mean Machine

 - "A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel".
 - "Mean Machine: Son of Mean". (The title "Son of Mean Machine" was only used in the one-off by Chris Halls in the 1995 JD Yearbook.)

Funt Solo:
Meg 434's supplement - the section on "Rico, Judge" has an image of Rico Dredd (who is in Meg 427's supplement under "Dredd, Rico"). So this should be an image of Judge Rico, instead, I assume.

Funt Solo:
Shenker, Judge lists Anderson Psi Division: Half-Life as a notable appearance, but Shenker doesn't appear in that story. The Judge working with Shakta is Judge Pole.

And he's also not in Judge Dredd: Total War. The bald Judge helping Hershey here is Lomas.

Nor is he in Anderson Psi Division: Undertow. (Almost everyone else you've ever met in Psi Division is here - just not Shenker.)

Dark Jimbo:
I hope someone's taking notice of this thread.


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