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What if the Megazine had a different remit?

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So this week 2000AD ended up this week with three Dredd-world strips.
I didn't mind but online this concentration was greeted with a resounding "But that is the job of the Meg"

So what if the remit of the Megazine was changed. And it featured old-school 'classic' characters set in their prime continuity. So more Rogue Trooper (a la Cinnabar) or Zombo or Nikolai Dante adapted from the novels.
Anything goes but old-school characters in new stories.

And then 2000AD is Dredd with the new world stories. The Brinks. Feral & Foe. So unchanged.
Would this attract more than 50% numbers to the Meg?

Funt Solo:
Or ... The Megazine: Regened

 - Little Lawless
 - Anderson's Daughter
 - Devlin Waugh: Eton's No Picnic
 - Deadworld: The Littlest Woofie
 - Tales from the Palais de Boing
 - DeMarco's Pony Academy of Law
 - Armitage: Urchin [the musical]
 - Kid Koburn
 - Soul Sisters: Brit-Cit's Got Talent [that's enough - ed.]

Dog Deever:
I'm not really on board with the whole 'Megazine should be all Dredd-world stuff' idea anyway. 'All Dredd-world' can get a bit ho-hum pretty quick- I sometimes think it's the Meg's Achilles Heel. I buy anthology comics because I like variety, once that variety starts getting restricted for no actual concrete reason beyond mere words, it just sucks a little bit of the joy out of it.

I liked it when we had Black Siddha, Fiends- Stalingrad, Bendatti Vendetta etc- even American Reaper in principle (if it hadn't turned out to be such a repetitive, self-indulgent, laborious, never-ending yawn-fest). There's been a lot of good non-Dredd world stuff in the Meg over the years.

It's already different enough from 2K with higher page count episodes allowing for a different approach to the story telling- more room to explore more complex or nuanced stories without it taking a gazillion episodes and the need for an episode ending every 5 pages. It also allows writers to indulge some ideas that might get trimmed from shorter page counts.
That, plus the text articles/ interviews and the bagged reprint or other stuff in the floppies (I'd take more strip over articles any day but at least it's mostly relevant and interesting enough so it's fine). It all feels different to the weekly anyway so that it doesn't need to be hemmed in by artificial 'remit boundaries'.

'A good monthly anthology comic from The House of Tharg with an extra Dredd for those with upgraded Thrill buffers' is enough of a remit for me. I just don't get this burning desire to 'differentiate' it from the weekly just because an editor said so back in 1990 or whatever- that sounds like a bit religion to me. lol

Maybe it's a perception of 'difference' that keeps the other 50% of 2k readership away from the Meg?

I am with Dog Deever on this one and to add it to it I am definitely missing a non-Dredd story in the meg

Biggest impediment to Meg purchases remains the price. Not much you can do about that, although the digital option helps. Even so, I remain a casual reader, rather than an irredeemable addict. What would change that, I wonder?

Agree that the most interesting Meg stuff has often been non-Dreddworld (and often creator-owned): I'd list Lily MacKenzie, Realm of the Damned, Family, Ordinary, Numbercruncher, Demon Nic as some of my favourites. Replacing any of those with Funny Looking Judge Uniform/Cursed Earth Ensemble Story would be undesirable. The extent to which the appeal of Meg all-timers like Insurrection, Lawless and Devlin Waugh have had any need for the Dredd setting is also debatable, but that might be a self-defeating argument, since telling good, distinct, different stories under the marketable Dredd masthead was surely the goal.

As it is, I often find the actual Judge Dredd (or Anderson, or Dark Judges) strips in the Meg to be of relatively little draw, unless they are Wagner outings or extensions of stories I'm reading in the prog. I'm not in the "retire compulsory Dredd" campaign, but I probably get enough of the big chin week to week.  When I do consciously seek out the Meg, it's something else that's caught my eye, and that's often a favourite creator name (e.g. an all-new new Simon Fraser, Pye Parr, PJ Holden, Dan Abnett etc strip, and I'll find the money).


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