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Megazine 433: Day of Dark Judgement!

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Is it just me that finds Ales Kot's dialogue reads oddly on the page, a bit iike it's been retranslated from another language and some of the flow/sentence structure is lost?

Try as I might, I can't hear Devlin's voice (which I always hear as somewhere between Terry-Thomas and Tim Curry) saying "Because I needed a lot of cum to charge the spell!"

This was for me a very in the middle off everything meg. It just feels like the meg has lost some off its punch the last few months.

Dredd – So far it is just a start of a new arc but let us give it time to develop. One thing I find out of place is where Dredd is fighting the squid like creature, and it felt almost like a take-out of the Marvel comics where “bigger is always better”. Final point is that I do like Staz art.

Devlin – Well what an ending with a lot of talking and built-up. All these talking heads would have made Abnett quite proud. Like the last page and so action is begging for the next installment.

Diamond Dogs – This has been the best single episode of DD so far. Some interesting events are transpiring now. I just find Pleece art a little bit spartan.

Returners – Well it is difficult to point where this is going but it might be that the story is just losing me. This might have to be re-read as a total package.

Deliverance – Great stuff with a fitting ending to the series. Special mention must go to Nick’s wonderful art throughout the series and hopefully he can do more Dredd in the future.

Dredd I agree with Leigh S, So much of this story is so un-Dredd, feels like a IDW style writing.

Devlin was superb. Who would have thought a demonic dildo would would elicit empathy? and that final punch page, excellent. Still have to check where and when I'm reading this as a double page of talking (knob) heads could frighten the servants and horses.

Diamond Dogs  yes, the Ron and Ron appearance was a bit weird! reading this but not really getting hooked.

The Returners was trippy but again not really getting hooked.

Deliverance fingerscrossed that's the last we see of the Gang of Four... well outstayed their welcome.

The floppy was well timed, enjoyed reading the whole thing in a oner, which I didn't in the prog.

Sean SD:
My Top 3 for Meg 433

Not the strongest Meg for me with no clear winner but my top 3 thrills are:

1st - Dredd - First thrill touching on Sino-Cit for me 
2nd - Deliverance - good ending to keep those 4 busy for a while
3rd - Devlin Waugh - good use of different panel types, too wordy though


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