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Dreadnoughts: Breaking Ground — Webshop Exclusive Hardcover

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This limited edition hardcover is available exclusively from the 2000 AD webshop.

Acclaimed as one of the best comics of 2020, this is the first collection of Dreadnoughts.

Written by Michael Carroll (Judges, Proteus Vex) with art by John Higgins (Before Watchmen, Batman: The Killing Joke) and colour by Sally Jane Hurst (Before Watchmen), Dreadnoughts explores the origins of Judge Dredd's dystopian police state and, in doing so, provides chilling insight into our own historical moment.

The year is 2035 and American society is crumbling. State brutality in response to public protests sparks even greater restrictions on what American citizens are free to do. The police force are being replaced by Judges, paramilitary cops who can dispense summary justice on the streets.

This is the horror story of a descent into fascism and the beginnings of the world of Judge Dredd.

£19.99 HC / £12.99 SC

I’ve just recommended this to a friend, and he’s gone and pre-ordered it. Hope he likes it as much as I did! - it’s probably my favourite thing since returning to 2000 AD and Meg 3 years ago.

Yes, it was a great read and I can not not wait for the sequel

Okay. Well.

That's that pre-ordered.

Bloody hell.   Just when I swore I was going to stop paying extra for webshop versions.

That's a very good looking cover.


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