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Dominic O'Rourke:
David Brin
Greg Bear
Kevin Anderson

all have done sterling work in writing additonal novels in other authors universes recently, Bear and Brin did some good prequells to Asimov's Foundation series, and Anderson does fantastic Star Wars books and has co-written the recent prequells to Herbert's Dune series.

others I would like to see, Ben Bova, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett (he would do a great Banzai Batallion, and anything to get him away from the dire discworld stuff)

oh oh Jeff Noon - check out his vurt, pollen and autonmated alice books

or how about Ian Rankin for a good crime story (brit cit judges)

Peter Carey for a chopper in OZ story !!

Phillip Jose Farmer for a true helter skelter story

and if you could bring a couple back from the dead, Edgar Rice Burroughs for a slaine novel

oh oh Marion Zimmer Bradley for a slaine novel

William Burroughs for a real dope story (sorry Gordon)

Christoper Tolkein for any good fantasy stories (what he's done with his dad's work is fantastic)

oh I can keep this up for ages

A couple of 2000AD writers have already written (non-2000AD) novels.

O Lucky Stevie!:
>Peter Carey for a chopper in OZ story !!

only if you want a story about chooper's mid-life crisis (that beieng peter carey's forte)... if you  want the greatest living australian sf writer, then greg egan's you're man! also props to damien broderick, sean mcmullen & sean williams.

marion zimmer bradley would have to write from beyond the grave, & i doubt if she would be appropriate for slaine anyway.

missing from your list are terry bisson (forget about the dredd film novelisation, this guy's own stuff is incidenary!), stephen baxter (who is a big comics fan anyway), pat cadigan, bruce sterling...

steven l'enfant terrible

Dominic O'Rourke:
Greg Egan? did he write those dolphin sf books?, I like Stephen Baxter, I've just been looking at his latest trilogy, but I have a backlog of books to read at the moment, and bruce sterling would be great too, as for the others can't say I've heard of them.

O Lucky Stevie!:
Greg Egan? did he write those dolphin sf books?,

no, definitely not. perhaps yr thinking of david brin, mate.

best place to start with terry bisson is his 'bears discover fire' anthology. great stuff, kind of in the same tradition as philip k dick & the sadly unknown howard waldrp, jr. bisson regularly contributes to asimov's science fiction magazine (as are baxter, egan, cardigan & sterling), which is absolutely first class under gardner dozois's mantle as editor & an essential purchase each mont

any way for more on egan try the url below.Link: Greg Egan's Home Page


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