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I'm leading the howling mob attack on Tharg Towers!
Pitchforks and torches at the ready, oh my loyal subjects!

Only joking. Glad of the warning. Thanks Dom.

- Trout

Do you mean next week 30th June or this week 23rd June?  as my comic was late this week, didn't arrive until Wednesday 25th!

A very confused Roundy.

He means next week's, due Monday June 30.

This week's problems were caused by the Royal Mail, as we're given to understand the progs were posted by Rebellion on time.

Somehow we will get through this abberation. Have faith in your King and the thrill-power deprivation won't kill you, poor peasants.

- Trout

"This week's problems were caused by the Royal Mail"

Are you saying that you're to blame then your Maj?

No, but if I was I wouldn't care.

Kiss my fins, Karne.

- Trout


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