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O Lucky Stevie!:
considering his wonderful text pieces for the specials & annuals i think that the obvious choice for writing a 2000ad novel would be john smith.

& i'll reiterate stephen baxter, who loves comics. just thought of the superb ian watson too (who did a couple of warhammer novels)

steven l'enfant terrible

I think John Smith's also written a few short stories for underground publishers like Creation, as has Grant Morrison.

Other 2000AD writers dipping their toes into thebig scary words-without-pictures thing?

Dan Abnett's written at least half a dozen Warhammer novels.

Gordon Rennie's written two.

Alan Grant wrote a novelisation of the Batman Knightfall saga.  He may have written something else too.


There's Alan Moore's literary novel, 'Voices of the Fire', of course.

David Bishop and David Stone both wrote a couple of the old Dredd novels, and have also written Dr Who novels.

I'm sure there's probably a few more I haven't thought of.  Anyone got any others?

Dominic O'Rourke:
which was why I suggested those below, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Grants, novel writing (Stone and Bishop too) is not up to current sci-fi novelisation standards, Gaimans American Gods, reads like a comic script, frame descriptions and all, this is not how I read books

I wonder if Alan Dean Foster is a 2000AD fan. I used to lap up his movie novelisations.

I do like the illustrated anthology idea. I used to enjoy reading the shorts that appeared in annuals & sci-fi specials. I reaaly like the Neil Gaiman one about sugar dealers selling spiders eggs.


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