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Unofficial mail strikes

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As the Beeb points out, since the union didn't authorise the strike it can't actually order people back to work.

Way I see it - as it wasn't an official strike, the Royal Mail should put all the "strikers" on disciplinaries & dock thier wages for the hours they were "striking".  They were just taking the pizz really, blagging time off work.

Generally Contrary:
Many other European countries also have a level of democracy in their workplace that puts Britain to shame.  Work councils, unions on the board etc.

To think we call ourselves a democracy when the environment where we spend the vast majority of our waking lives remains outside the remit of democracy, either directly through participation, or though any substantial governmental involvement.  The mantra of much of the public press appears to be, 'keep government out of business - leave it to the market'.

the Royal Mail should put all the "strikers" on disciplinaries & dock thier wages for the hours they were "striking"

Oh, don't worry, they're planning exactly that sort of thing.  That's why we call them "evil incompentent capitalist pig scum".

GC - nice icon BTW - we aren't a democracy.  Elective dictatorship, with a sovereign who still has limited but real powers, isn't the half of it.  How about the fact that no party can win office without a fighting fund of about ?12M, thus ensuring that every politician has to be in the pockets of big business?  Or the House of Lords, not even vaguely improved by getting rid of the hereditary element?  Or the enormous and disproportionate power of the (privately-owned) press, egged on by the lack of privacy legislation and relatively mild forms of censure for out and out lying?

We need a written constitution, state funding of political parties, replacement of the House of Lords with an elected body, and newspaper controls simlar to those on television channels, at the very least, before we can call ourselves a democracy.

well, I got my prog on time, nyeeerrr!


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