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2000 AD Presents Crisis bag/board question


Hey so these are slightly oversized then the current 2000 ad books and every time I have gone to a shop try to find some bigger bags and boards for these books. Same with Near Myths anyone know where you can find some oversized bags and boards for these old books.

You can get them on eBay to fit both the orignal and currant sizes,your looking at £9-£10 for 10 , Amazon has them in packs 100 for about £40-£50 for both just search for magazine bags and boards
or your nearest comic bookstore should have them

Colin YNWA:
You tend to be able to pick up decent deals on ebay. I've used Silveracre who are reasonably priced as they wrap postage in to larger orders (I think been a wee while) but there are others.

I reckon you shouldn't be paying more then £7.99 for 100 bags (I picked some up from my LCS this weekend as it happens) and a little more for boards.

Some formats are pretty hard to find a nice fit for. So Crisis and the period of 2000ad when it was over-sized US format but you'll have to make do with magazine size for those I guess?

Link Prime:
I had the same issue a few years back, found these on Amazon that seem to fit most of the older sizes:

Didn't invest in boards, just used existing sizes for some key issues.


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