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The Legendary Shark:

The inclusion of Ray Harryhausen's troglodyte in a couple of backgrounds made me smile - but it's not a film for smiles apart from that little homage. If Hell exists, then this film nails it. Definitely one I'll be watching again.

Colin YNWA:
IT Chapter 2

I mean its just a mass of and THEN THIS and THEN THAT and THEN THIS OTHER THING and nothing quite coalesces and the themes become jumbled and unclear in a mistep of jump scares (all horribly foreshadowed) and monster effects. The attempts to add humanity through humour are horrible in the main and to be honest I couldn't really give two hoots for most the characters... which is a tavesty to anyone who has read the book.

I'm sure someone will have done this already but in the parlance of the thread shIT Chapter 2 more like.


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 12 August, 2022, 12:46:45 PM ---I'm sure someone will have done this already but in the parlance of the thread shIT Chapter 2 more like.

--- End quote ---

I know I have watched this film but I remember absolutely nothing from it.

Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: Richmond Clements on 05 August, 2022, 12:58:55 PM ---Prey. I have to admit, after the last few movies in this franchise, I had low hopes. Turns out I was wrong. This is a cracking action movie and the best since the original. Some great action sequences and alien and Native American badassery. Oh, and the most amazing screen doggo in a long time.

--- End quote ---

Loved this, and that's quite a feat to pull off - it's a sequel that's in that rare category of "as good as or better than" the original. It's just that the franchise had to go through 3-5 other sequels before it struck a seam of gold. (Arguments exist for Predator 2 being good, but meh.) Ultimately, I'm in the "Prey is the best" camp.

Went to the GFT to watch the new restored director edition of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

It was great. Really, I'll go to bat for this. Starts with a sort of overture (Ilia's theme) and... Well, you know the plot by now.

It whizzed by. I know people refer to it as "the slow motion picture" but at a cinema, as spectacle with a great sound mix on a big screen then sequences that may cause you to shuffle your bum on the sofa get your full attention.

Also great to get a story and resolution that is about understanding and evolving rather than punching and explosions. Which is why I love Star Trek. (I like explosions and punching too... Just not all the time)

And it's great watching Kirk learn from mistakes (compared to most asshole hero's from the late 70s and 80s movies).

Special effects hold up remarkably well for a 43 year old movie (I know some were added/polished up twenty years ago and for this version)

And Mrs Tips - a civilian in the matters (still occasionally gets Trek and Wars mixed up, calls Han "Hans") also thought it was great.

So worth a visit to the cinema even if you have seen it countless times like me.


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