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A bit of normie when it comes to comics. Looking for some alt comic suggestions.

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In addition to some good stuff from BOOM already recommended, a slightly biased (because I also work for them) suggestion from me: smaller publisher Vault do a great line in non-cape stuff. I've already plugged Wasted Space elsewhere but I can't recommend its unlikely Star Wars Meets Preacher premise enough. It's finished its run now, but is available across five TPBs.

They do a decent line in horror, too, with The Autumnal and The Plot being a couple of stand-outs for me — very different books, but both do an excellent job of building a creeping sense of dread rather than relying on gross-outs or jump scares.

Plus, Barbaric. One TPB available to date (Murderable Offences), but there's a one-shot (The Harvest Blades) out any time now, and a second arc (Axe to Grind) due to start in a couple of months. Imagine a Conan-esque barbarian who only wants to drink, plunder and get laid… but who becomes cursed to only do good deeds. Good deeds that are arbitrated up on by his blood-drinking, sarcastic, and frequently-drunk talking axe… which only he can hear.

Funt Solo:
I enjoyed Alan Moore's Top 10.

Thank you for all the suggestions. Trying to sort through mountains of decades of sci-fi comics can be quite confusing. I do appreciate the time taken to help out.

The Incal by Jodorowsky and Moebius would seem the obvious suggestion from Humanoids.

Take a punt on some small press stuff. Stuff the Big Boys don't do as they like to play safe.
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