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General / Non-2000 AD trades containing 2000AD material
« on: 27 December, 2013, 12:35:43 PM »
In addition to all the trades released by Rebellion I'm trying to collect anything else closely 2000 AD related which has been published in GN format outside of 2000 AD, i.e. creator owned material etc. I'm having difficulty finding a source to put together any kind of definitive list, however.

I have:

- Snapshot TPB (received today from Amazon)
- Numbercruncher HB
- Tales from Beyond Science
- Yesterday's Tomorrows (reprints Really & Truly)
- Scarlet Traces (plus its sequel and prequel volumes)
- Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut
- Tank Girl: Skidmarks (plus various other Tank Girl)
- The Best of Milligan and McCarthy (doesn't actually contain any 2000 AD / Megazine material but does contain material from Revolver, so close enough).

I don't have Metalzoic but it's on my radar. A little pricey to get hold of, I hope it gets reprinted.

I'm aware of all the IDW material of course and have the first two Judge Dredd trades, plus Year One. I'm not necessarily interested in the stuff that has already been reprinted by Rebellion or will appear in the Case Files at some point.

Anyway, I appeal to the hive mind out there for their unparalleled knowledge... what am I missing?



I must admit, The Psi Files 03, Tales of Nu Earth Vol. 3, Anthropocalypse and The Grail War all have me aquiver with anticipation. Batman/Dredd too even though I already have all the stories in other books.

Suggestions / Red Seas Phonebooks
« on: 18 September, 2012, 10:51:40 PM »
Carried over from another thread where this is currently under discussion. Actually this isn't so much a suggestion as an entreaty. Pleasepleasepleaseplease oh Mighty Tharg, give us Red Seas phonebooks! I mean, it's even in black and white. Made for phonebooks. Would probably only take two large ones, too.

Film & TV / Total Recall 2012 (Spoilers)
« on: 31 August, 2012, 11:00:32 PM »
Just saw this film. It was actually a lot better than I thought. For some reason the trailer which I've seen a couple of times before made it look like a carbon copy of the original adaptation, when in fact it is quite different in many respects. The new plot elements in many ways make more sense than ones they replaced... but with one fatal flaw which unfortunately renders any attempt to make the story more logical and consistent null and void - 'The Fall'.

The Fall is a mode of transport that can take you from the UK to Australia in 17 minutes... by traveling through a tunnel bored right through the centre of the earth, passing through the very core itself. It is one of the most nonsensical technological gizmos I've seen in a sci-fi film in a while. Both utterly pointless and scientifically ridiculous in a number of different respects.

At the start of the film they claim this is 'the only mode of transport possible' due to the earth being contaminated by chemical warfare. But later in the film we see that humans can survive in the chemical zones with just gas masks for protection. So any aircraft with a fully pressurised cabin would have a problem... why exactly?

Okay granted even a sub-orbital flight would take a good bit longer than 17 minutes, but then so would a vehicle travelling through the centre of the earth in order to be even vaguely plausible.

Film Discussion / New DREDD 3D Slo-Mo Featurette
« on: 26 August, 2012, 11:46:05 AM »
Don't think this has been posted yet. Pretty cool.


News / Sylvester Stallone's son Sage Stallone found dead, aged 36
« on: 14 July, 2012, 04:12:22 PM »

I was just re-reading the article about Duane Swierczynski heading the new IDW Judge Dredd series and came accross the link to this in the sidebar. I know it's not strictly 2000AD news but it is kinda relevant among all the new/old movie talk that's going on.

Whatever you might think of Stallone's performance of Dredd, this is pretty shocking news and something folks should probably be aware of right now.

Other Reviews / Kingdom Vol. 2 - Call of the Wild.
« on: 29 February, 2012, 11:09:33 PM »
...Arrived through the letterbox today and I'm greatly looking forward to reading it after re-reading vol.1. However, when viewed side by side with vol.1 the interior print quality is notably inferior. Unlike vol.1 the printed 'dots' or pixels which make up the reproduced artwork are clearly visible to the naked eye without even looking that close up, and the colours appear comparatively muted. As a result, Richard Elson's excellent artwork just doesn't have the same impact as with the first volume, in which the reproduction was great and the artwork really jumped out of the page. It won't spoil my enjoyment of reading it but it is a little disappointing.

Is it just my copy or have others noticed the same?

General / 2000AD US Graphic Novels - A Question
« on: 12 December, 2011, 11:02:24 AM »
Calling anybody who knows anything about the US line of graphic novels. I take the completist approach when it comes to collecting 2000AD graphic novels since Rebellion started bringing them out. I only have 3 of the US releases so far, though. Harry 20 because it didn't get a UK release. Mean Machine for the same reason. Bad Company because it has a bonus strip that's not in the two volume UK edition and it's nice to have it in one volume.

I'm not that bothered about the Mega-City masters series because I'm kinda assuming there's nothing in then which won't be reprinted in the case files series eventually.

Apart from these does anybody know if any of the other US releases contain significant material which isn't available in any of the UK books? Thanks.

General / Future Shocks "b-format" book subscriber offer
« on: 20 November, 2011, 08:25:10 PM »
Does anybody have this? I already have the Alan Moore Future Shocks and Tharg's Future Shocks TPBs so what I really want to know is does the b-format subscriber book have new content or does it just reprint strips from the aforementioned TPBs? I know it's not hugely expensive but it's not worth my while if it only has content I already have in GN format. Thanks!

Film & TV / RED
« on: 23 October, 2010, 05:34:46 AM »
Seen it, can't fault it, hugely entertaining! (Haven't read the comic).

Put a D on either end and you get DREDD? Not quite, but it certainly does nothing to harm Karl Urban's credibility.

General / Strontium Dog - The Movie
« on: 06 August, 2010, 09:38:43 PM »
Not really... but it suddenly struck whilst watching last week's episode of Sherlock. Though not quite an exact match the resemblance is actually quite striking. Same shape face and nose. Johnny's mouth is thinner and narrower but where would you find a closer match, I ask you? Eh?

(P.S. Sorry, don't know how to embed the picture in the message properly at full size without some kind of external hosting for the image.)

Books & Comics / Alien Legion
« on: 25 November, 2009, 10:15:16 PM »
I picked up Alien Legion Omnibus Volume 1, newly released from Dark Horse on a bit of a whim, just because it's sci-fi and that's my favourite genre.

Anyway the artwork is nothing to write home about but the writing is surprisingly good, with moments of brilliance I didn't really expect to find. On the (slightly) negative side it does have it's fair share of the cliches and cheesy dialogue you'd expect from a 1984 military sci-fi comic, and the 'aliens' aren't that alien in that they pretty much act like humans in differenty shaped bodies most of the time.

However, the stories have enough depth to make up for the flaws. Well worth picking up, in my opinion. If you enjoyed the original run of the V.C.s there's a fair chance you might like this.

General / What 2000 AD graphic novels would you NOT like to see in 2010?
« on: 22 November, 2009, 02:19:51 PM »
For me, Cradlegrave. It started off good with an effective build-up of tension, etc., but then totally failed to deliver the anticipated payoff. Normally I like John Smith, too.

News / ABC Warriors - The Volgan War Volume 01...
« on: 08 August, 2009, 11:14:16 AM »
...Just arrived in the post and I have to say WOW! This is a truly stunning volume.

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