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Judge Dredd - The Action of the Tiger.


The Legendary Shark:
Judge Dredd

The Action of the Tiger



Somewhere in Mega City One, exterior, night. A large terrorist bomb is exploding, ripping several judges and many citizens to shreds. Judge Dredd is caught at the edge of the blast, which is throwing him and his Lawmaster through the air.

CAP:                        Mega City One, 2142AD.  Democratic terrorist cells wage constant war against the beleaguered Justice Department.

CONTROL (OFF, JAG):         Control to Dredd! New intel – it’s a trap! Back off! Repeat…


CAP:                        Mega citizens, however, get no vote on where the bombs are placed…

(somehow try to fade from this frame to the next to indicate a passage of time during which both Dredds are unconscious – if that’s practical…)

A dark, large ‘training arena’ filled with rubble and ruins. (I imagine this training area as a large portion of semi-destroyed City which has been encapsulated inside a dome – but it could easily be a section of the Undercity. It’s up to you, so long as it’s sealed-off from the outside world. There are cameras and speakers dotted unobtrusively around the place.) Judge Dredd (*actually a copy of Judge Dredd*) recovers his senses. His uniform is battered and torn, Lawgiver and badge missing. He has one hand on his damaged helmet, trying to push through a massive headache. He’s using his other hand to push himself off the rubble-strewn floor.

DREDD:              Uuh… Dredd to Control.          Control, respond.               Damn it.


On his feet now, but still a little unsteady and using some ruined structure for support, Dredd assesses his situation. He is feeling weak and off, and his eyesight isn’t working properly.

DREDD:              Dredd in the blind.  Blast must’ve thrown me into some derelict area. Don’t recognise it.      Eyesight impaired. Concussion.     


Dredd reacts, slightly too slowly, to a burst of gunfire aimed at him. Most of the shots miss but one pierces his side, leaving a bloody but non-fatal wound, and another grazes his arm. The voice of FreeDem Commando Captain Zeeroks comes over the speakers.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):   B-Team - you’re up!


DREDD:                          Ngh!  Drokk!   Control – taking fire!



Trainee and youthful FreeDem Commando Cadets, the first two of a group of six, leap at Dredd out of the darkness and shadows. Dredd, not at his best, reacts too slowly and is punched (or kicked) in the face.

COMMANDO #1:                    Here we go, boys!     Take him down!

DREDD:                          Hnkh!


Dredd manages to twist or dive away from this fierce assault, receiving more blows in the process. (The FreeDem Commandos are not using their guns but attacking Dredd with clubs and knives.)

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):   Remember your training, recruits! And be alert – this one’s a tiger!

COMMANDO #1:                    Ha! Too easy!


Resisting a welter of blows, Dredd snatches up a length of metal pipe (or something) from the rubble…

DREDD:                          Nnf… Only warning, creeps – back off! Now!


…and uses it to fight back, braining one of his assailants, Commando #2.

DREDD:                                  Okay, have it your way…


COMMANDO #2:                            Aargh!


The tables have turned. Dredd, still in a weakened condition, fights back like a wounded tiger, taking out two more Commandos.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):           You’re not impressing me, recruits!

DREDD:                                  Me neither.



Dredd is victorious, if even more battered and ragged. The six Commandos lie dead or dying at his feet as he throws away the metal pipe (or whatever) he’s been fighting with and calls out to the unseen Zeeroks.

DREDD:          I recognise your voice, Zago Zeeroks of the so-called FreeDem Army.  Sending juves to do your dirty work. Surrender now or face the consequences.


Dredd recovers two guns from the downed Commandos, one in each fist, snarling at the voice of Zeeroks coming from the speakers.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):                   You have no authority over me, fascist puppet.

DREDD:                                          We’ll see about that, creep.


Six more Commandos attack from the shadows. These ones are better than the first six, more seasoned and better armed, this time attacking with guns. Dredd receives another non-fatal gunshot wound but fires back with his captured weapons – one in each hand.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):               Alpha-Team - he’s all yours.

DREDD:                                      Too chickenstomm to face me yourself, huh?

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):               I only fight real men, puppet!


The first of Dredd’s shots miss or cause only superficial damage to the attacking Commandos.

DREDD:                                      Damn it… aim’s off.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):               Remember, recruits, he’s been weakened for training purposes but he’s still dangerous!


By the time Dredd’s shots start to take the Commandos out, including Commando #3, they are almost on him.

DREDD:                                  You’d better believe it, numbskulls!

COMMANDO #3:                            Rush him! Aargh!



Dredd has killed all but two of the Commandos, who grab him and try to push him to the ground whilst wrestling with his guns.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):                   Imbeciles! This exercise was designed to be easy for you! It wasn’t even armed!


Dredd manages to shoot one of the remaining two Commandos as they push him over backwards whilst kicking out at the other's face.

SFX (GUNSHOT):                                  BLAM

SHOT COMMANDO:                                  No... Aaah!


The last Commando, knocked senseless by a boot to the face, falls over backwards in a spray of blood and snot and teeth but manages to hold on to Dredd’s other boot, which comes off in his hands.

SFX (KICK TO FACE):                             SMATCH

LAST COMMANDO:                                  Uhk

DREDD:                                          What the…?


Dredd, now very much knocked about and down on one knee catching his breath, is once more victorious. All the Commandos are dead or dying. Dredd is taking his boot from the dying grasp of the last Commando. Something about the boot concerns him.

DREDD (SMALL):                                  Oh. Right.

ZEEROKS (FROM SPEAKERS, JAG):                   All my recruits. Damn you, puppet. Damn you to the deepest Hell.


The looming, battle-scarred figure of FreeDem Commando Captain Zeeroks emerges from the darkness. Zeeroks is armed but all his weapons are still holstered or slung – he wants a fist fight.

ZEEROKS (JOIN?):                                So be it. Guess I’ll have to take you down myself.    Got any fight left in you, puppet?


Dredd, on one knee, head spinning, body exhausted, drops his weapons and makes no move to attack.

DREDD:                              Fighting is illegal, citizen. I recommend you turn yourself in immediately.



In a large Justice Department dormitory, filled with sleep pods and all the activities surrounding them, Judge Dredd (the real one) sits up in his sleep pod, having just awakened. He has a splitting headache, which concerns the Sleep Chief, Med Judge Indra.

INDRA:                              Problem there, Judge Dredd?

DREDD:                              Headache. Some kind of dream-loop during the sleep cycle.   Kept re-living a bomb blast from last night.


While Dredd puts his shoulder pads etc. back on, Indra checks the sleep pod.

INDRA:                              Hmm. That shouldn’t happen. Let me just check the…              Oh Grud…

DREDD:                              Problem, Sleep Chief Indra?


Indra, concerned, makes her report of unauthorised technology secreted in the pod.

INDRA:                              There’s a neural duplicator in here. Somebody just remotely copied your mind!

DREDD:                              Who?


Dredd, now fully back in uniform, or pulling on his final piece of equipment, issues orders. He is not pleased. Indra is not pleased either.

INDRA:                         I… I don’t know.  But, by Grud, when i find out…

DREDD:                         Trace the signal, Indra. I’ll leave the investigation here to you. Keep me informed.

INDRA:                         Roj. Control – I want an immediate red-one level diagnostic on all sleep machines and a deep trawl on all accesses in the last month…


Dredd rides his Lawmaster away from the Sector House in which the dorm is located, several other judges (also on Lawmasters) follow him.

CONTROL (JAG):      Control to Dredd. Signal pinpointed, details sent. Auxiliary maintenance tech Jum Jumber in custody. Confirmed FreeDem Army connections.

DREDD:              Roger that. On route.



Back in the ‘arena.’ Zeeroks, his fists bloodied, stands over the unresisting form of the copy of Judge Dredd, who is down on his knees; beaten, bashed, bruised and bleeding but unbroken. Zeeroks has not noticed the real Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver pointing at the back of his head.

ZEEROKS:                        Fight me, damn you! Why won’t you fight me?

SFX (LAWGIVER):                 KLIK

DREDD (OFF):                    Because it’s illegal, Creep.     Surrender. Now.


Judges take Zeeroks away while the real Judge Dredd, with a couple of others looking on, watches the copy struggle to his feet.

ZEEROKS:                        Damn you, Dredd!  You can’t do this! It’s not even real!

DREDD COPY:                     Judge Dredd. Tried to keep him here as long as I could after I realised.



The copy of Judge Dredd makes his confession while the real Judge Dredd checks his Lawgiver.

DREDD COPY:                     Took me too long to figure it out, though. Guess I ain’t as sharp as the original.

DREDD COPY:                     I plead guilty to twelve counts of murder, impersonating a judge and being an unauthorised neural copy housed in an unlicensed clone.


The copy stands ready to be executed, unafraid. Dredd pauses before firing.

DREDD COPY:                     Request immediate exec… Check That – Immediate deactivation.

DREDD:                          Granted. How you want it?

DREDD COPY:                     Thorough.


Dredd executes the copy with three deadly accurate shots – two to the chest and one to the head.

DREDD:                          As a clear and present danger to the City, and for your confession, I hereby sentence you to death.

SFX (LAWGIVER):                 B’DAM B’DAM       B’DAM


Dredd walks away, leaving the other judges to tidy up.

CAP:                        Mega City One, 2142AD.  The Justice Department cracks down hard on the vicious democratic terrorist cells.

CAP:                        Mega citizens, however, generally don't care.

STRAP:                        THE END.



The Legendary Shark:

Thank you :-)

Agreed. Noice. A convincingly Dredd-like Dredd.
Tell me, did you have a specific artist in mind when you were visualising the story, and if so, who was it?

The Legendary Shark:

Thanks. No, I never have any specific artist in mind - the guys at Zarjaz generally sorted that side of things out and I was never disappointed.


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