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: Dredd Reckoning
: Dark Jimbo 01 February, 2012, 05:28:53 PM
I've not seen anyone link to this blog before, and I've only just discovered it myself. Essentially it's just a blog whose aim is to review every Dredd TPB in existence - a nice mix of Rebellion, Simon and Schuster and even some older Titan/Hamyln editions - but they do so in exhaustive detail and with an obvious love of Dredd lore. It's a real pleasure to read.

Better yet, I think the chaps are American (there are some sweet occassions where they're left nonplussed by our slang, such as Anderson's use of the word 'Muggins' at the end of Necropolis) - which suggests Dredd material is making real inroads to colonial culture at last.

: Re: Dredd Reckoning
: radiator 01 February, 2012, 05:38:10 PM
Noy sure how you missed the existing thread - it's been going for ages and is regularly posted in - including the author of the blog himself.

http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,33736.0.html (http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,33736.0.html)
: Re: Dredd Reckoning
: Dark Jimbo 01 February, 2012, 05:40:02 PM
Wow, that completely passed me by.