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« on: 24 August, 2019, 09:29:47 pm »
Recently binged both series of this, I really enjoyed it!! I like the characters and hopeful setting, some of the episodes have made me think and I've got a few good laughs out of it. You can tell they're really finding their identity in series 2, becoming less of a comedy and more of a straight Sci-Fi show, to the point they're ignoring opportunities for jokes.

Like when they rescue Bortus from the Orville on the bottom of the ocean, they ask him how he's survived down there and he says emergency rations - well as a Moclan I thought he should've been eating the ship! Perhaps he says nothing and looks guiltily at teeth shaped chunks missing from the control panels and bridge chairs CLASSIC BORTUS :D.

I noticed a couple of things that I'm sure were nods to Red Dwarf, would be great fun to see those guys in it or have a cross-over or something!

Film & TV / Re: Alien Franchise Reboot
« on: 24 August, 2019, 08:48:37 pm »
Hrm I won't write it off but most reboots aren't great, and even if they nail it we already have an excellent Alien..  I'm dying for actual sequels in so many series!

General / Re: It Shoulda Ended with...
« on: 24 August, 2019, 08:40:05 pm »
In the book they're called 'androids' but they are biological in nature like the replicants of the film. I vaguely remember a scene in the book with an android character having something in his arm suggesting they may have cybernetic components, but they are predominantly flesh and blood. The voigtt kampff (probably misspelled) test is the main method used to detect them, just as in the film.

Interestingly, a bone marrow test is also mentioned as providing definitive proof suggesting some differences at the cellular level, although why an ordinary DNA test wouldn't work, I don't know. I'm just guessing not so much about DNA was known during the period the author wrote the novel. To do that test would require capturing the suspect and taking them to a lab, however, so they go with the portable VK kit.

Cyborgs eh! Interesting about the bone marrow thing too, I agree it definitely suggests that DNA knowledge wasn't widespread doesn't it. This thread has shot the book up to the top of the to-buy list!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 22 August, 2019, 02:02:58 pm »
I'd forgotten about that, should give it a go! I'm looking forward to the Gears Tactics game too, if it's Gears Xcom that sounds great.

General / Re: It Shoulda Ended with...
« on: 20 August, 2019, 05:36:38 pm »
Are the replicants artificial in the book? Embarrassingly as a Sci-fi fan I've never read it. I read Starship Troopers for the first time recently, I really enjoyed it. I guess the film people thought it'd silly if the troopers were bouncing around in power armour though!

General / Re: It Shoulda Ended with...
« on: 18 August, 2019, 09:04:17 pm »
Not a fan of Leonardo di Caprio then?

:D as it happens, I'm actually not the biggest fan! He's fine.

Also wasn't entirely happy to see Harrison Ford growing old; unless I've misremembered something that explains things, it kind of takes away from the question of his humanity or lack thereof.

Weren't the replicants biological and capable of growing old if the designer so wished? I get confused on the rules of Bladerunner..

General / Re: It Shoulda Ended with...
« on: 18 August, 2019, 12:07:26 am »
Starship Troopers - The first film is one my all-time favourites and it's been dross all the way down ever since

Critters 2 - Loved the first 2 then it drops off a cliff

Halloween 3 - Halloween 2 isn't great but if it had ended with 2, we wouldn't have got 3

Once upon a time I would've said Red Dwarf should've definitely ended with series 6 but they've got better recently...

Definitely agree with Tordelback that Predator 2 is great "You can't see the eyes of the demon, until 'im come callin..". I like Robocop 2 too, neither are as good as their predecessor but great fun all the same. Fingers crossed the new Robocop is any cop (heyooo), I know Blomkamp just exited it I just don't know if that's a good thing

I would like a sequel to Serial Mom.

Help! / Re: Dredd Comic For Kids
« on: 11 August, 2019, 02:21:16 pm »
oh wow yeah that's the one, thanks everyone! Ah so it was a tie-in and those are the designs from the movie, it all makes sense now. I remember getting this and the prog and although I thought this was inferior, I was still not upset I had more Dredd to read!


^Perusing Barney, this cover predicted the Aliens franchise crossover! :D

Help! / Dredd Comic For Kids
« on: 11 August, 2019, 01:58:38 am »
Am I going crazy, or did 2000ad publish a separate comic in the mid-90s which was Dredd but a kind of reimagining, and much more traditional and family friendly? I remember a story about Dredd training a cadet but that's all I've got. I have no idea what the keyword would be to make Google or it's disfigured brother Bing reveal this to me!

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 10 August, 2019, 10:11:43 pm »
I was just thinking, Dolph Lundgren would make a fantastic Judge!!! Perhaps even Dredd himself!

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 08 August, 2019, 07:47:08 pm »
I think you're safe :D

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 08 August, 2019, 06:32:46 pm »
Following revelations of his not-getting-too-beaten-up clause suggesting a somewhat fragile image, would he wear the chin star, I wonder?

He was in Crank 1 and 2 though! :D

But no you're right, I can't see him donning the hallowed chin star. Now I think about it, I'd bet a tenner the chin star wouldnt survive the transition to the screen no matter who played him, or maybe it'd be turned into a gritty faded prison tattoo under his eye or something :)

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 08 August, 2019, 06:12:51 pm »
It does have an amazing atmosphere that still holds up. Interestingly (to me) when Dolby gave us a demo of their Atmos technology one of the things they used was a version of Doom 3 that they'd upmixed to Atmos. I thought it was really cool how of all the modern games they could have chosen (some of which are already in Atmos) they felt the best way to showcase what it can add was with a game that old. It's a real testament to how dripping with atmosphere that game still is. Hearing a level of that game with all those environmental and creepy sounds coming from above and all around was bloody terrifying!

I still need to pick up this new edition, but I might get it for my charity game marathon this year and do a full playthrough in the dark for maximum spookiness.

That's a cool story thanks! The sound is indeed incredibly well designed and effective, a few times during my playthrough I span round to shoot whatever it was that was supposedly breathing over my shoulder or sniggering devilishly in a doorway behind me, and there was nothing there. The game had succeeded in turning me in to Private Hudson. Dead Space deservedly won awards for its amazing horror sound design but it was standing on the shoulders of giants in a lot of ways I now realise!

I'll definitely try and tune in for the marathon again this year, and I reeeally want to catch Doom 3! Great price at £8.99 too!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is next on my list but havent got the cash right now..

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 07 August, 2019, 11:00:42 pm »
A friend told me by text that Jason Kingsley had posted a pic of himself with the script, but I'm tired and read it as Jason Statham, and whilst I'm still delighted at some movement now I'd love to see Statham as Judge Armour at some point :D

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