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As promised/threatened some time ago, I'm soon going to embark on a re-read of the Mega Collection and post comments on here. I've grouped the volumes thematically as per the intention, adding the extension volumes as appropriate. My groupings are:

1-3 Democracy
4-7 Dark Judges
8-13, 81, 89 Anderson & Psi-Judges
14-17 Devlin Waugh & other mystics
18-22 Undercover
23-25 Robotics
26-30 Antagonists
31-51, 82, 83 Mega-Epics
52-53 Legacy
54-56, 90 Extra Curricular
57-68 Dredd's World
69-80, 84-88 Dredd & the City

I'll post comments after reading each grouping, breaking down the bigger groupings into smaller chunks. I reserve the right to skip stories or whole volumes if I'm not enjoying them, but will read at least one episode of everything.

Feel free to join in with the reading or just the comments. Commencing in a few days with Democracy.

I've held off on voting on these so far as need to do some re-reading, but despite my admiration for Judgement Day (what's not to like?) my vote here has to go to Rage.

Sounds fun, bring it on!

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 16 July, 2021, 05:58:49 PM »
I have poor memories of Finn in the prog, and may have audibly groaned on the announcement of its inclusion here. I suspect this will be a case of read once then leave on the shelf to make up the spine image, as per Red Razors.

General / Re: Now I Know My ABCs...
« on: 15 July, 2021, 07:50:06 AM »
I think Dredd and Armitage met at some point before the events of The Underground (megs 318-321), because they're not pleased to see each other. Can anyone remember when they met previously?

It was in Dave Stone's 1993 novel Deathmasques: http://www.2000ad.org/?zone=prog&page=specials&choice=masques

General / Re: Al Ewing or Ian Edginton- Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 17
« on: 13 July, 2021, 08:10:44 AM »
Both have done tremendous work so I'm going to tie them at 2 points each.

Can I ignore Grant's attempts at Dredd and the monstrosity that was Big Dave in favour of the evergreen Zenith and some great Future Shocks? Alec has produced solid material for some years, but nothing that sticks out to me as much as Zenith.

Grant Morrison 3, Alec Worley 2.

I'm going to have to call a tie on these two and give them 2 points each.

I'm going to abstain from this one as I don't think I've read anything by James and I don't think Michael was the best fit for Tooth.

Rory has written some great stuff but his best work may still be ahead of him. Not that I'm saying Robbie's isn't, but we already have Dante, complete and magnificent.

Rory McConville 1, Robbie Morrison 4.

Meltdown Man and some great Future Shocks against, er... Brink, Grey Area, Lawless, Kingdom, Insurrection, and those two loveable rogues in Downlode...

Sorry Alan, but it has to be Alan Hebden 1, Dan Abnett 4.

Not sure I've read enough Kenneth to give him a fair score here. Fiends, Harry 20 and a lot of Rogue are classics.

Gerry Finley-Day 4, Kenneth Niemand 1.

I'm a big fan of Armoured Gideon, and also Missionary Man. Both of these guys have played extensively in the Rogue Trooper world sandbox.

John Tomlinson 2, Gordon Rennie 3.

Hillary brought some variety to the Progs. David's work on the Dark Judges is excellent.

Hilary Robinson 2, David Hine 3.

General / Re: Tom Tully or John Wagner - Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 8
« on: 30 June, 2021, 08:23:12 AM »
I don't really remember Wolfie Smith, and The Mean Arena didn't do anything for me.

Tom Tully 0, John Wagner 5/b].

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