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Prog / Re: Prog 2189 - Hunger Strike
« on: 08 July, 2020, 06:41:49 PM »
A letters page! Oh mummy daddy! More HERE!

General / Re: Message from Dan Abnett - UNWT Award ceremony
« on: 07 July, 2020, 10:25:27 PM »
Glad I voted for him now!

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 07 July, 2020, 09:54:51 PM »

Zzzzz..eh? What’s going on, where’s my trousers?

A new Input page you say <rubs eyes> can the nightmare finally becoming to an end? Well it could be, the pubs are reopening and we are treated to our first slew of letters since Prog 2180.

9 weeks later we have the lovely Prog 2189 which sees five letters across the inside back page, and not all of them are thanking Tharg for keeping working during the pandemic. I hear certain writers attempted to mine that seam without success. Quite right too - publish and be criticised, it’s the British way.

After some positive feedback from Dandontdare we have continued with our fledgling policy of illustrating each letter with a picture off the internet. This month we are going for what the reader’s name first conjures up in our fevered mind.

We open with Tristan ‘Fourmile’ Carlyon of that London. This is Tristan’s first letter to see print and it’s a letter of the week too. He will need to keep writing if he’s going to make it to ‘Top Tris’ as Mr Louth is away in the distance on 16 in his Chelmsford bolthole. He was last seen in Prog 2145 so at least Mr Carlyon has the 2020 bragging rights.

Tristan’s letter is the well worn standard of ‘I was lost but now I’m found’. Tharg loves the chance to use lots of his BOLD TYPE  and to promote many of his offerings. In these terrible times Tris’ letter was a nice read and worthy of the top table honours - or is there better to come?

Next up is another new scribe and a junior one at that. 11 year old Josh Shrubsole, again of that London, tells a lovely story of his Dad giving him a box from the attic. The one you get at 16 will be better Josh! Josh is keen on most things and isn’t shy on demanding swag (as the kids call it) from Tharg. The Green One says no but appreciates the chance of the Regened comic getting a plug as well as some future offerings.

This is the first Shrubsole letter to see print but more surprisingly it’s only the third ‘Josh’. Finney of Prog 1416 and Davies of Prog 2074 welcome Mr S to their ranks. I’m guessing actually, they could be self isolating for all I know.

Great, Smashing Super, It’s Ade Bowen of Weston Super Mare next in his 14th Beast offering. Ade was last seen in Prog 2124 and boasts 11 Prog and 3 Megazine appearances. He has three letters of the week crowns including one in Prog 1659 that had a photo of a baby - we haven’t recorded if it’s Ade’s or of Ade.

Ade does a quick run through the Prog and loves everything. New stuff, old stuff, crossovers - he’ll take it all, even Sinister Dexter. He’s keen to see things develop but we’re guessing he’ll like it anyway. Smashing. The letter is titled ‘Superheavy’ which is a bit personal, but lockdown has been tough on us all.

A bit of Hong Kong Phooey next as Gary Meggitt rocks up from the former colony with his first offering. Only four letters have ever appeared from Hong Kong and two of them, unbelievably, are from women! Without running a search I can safely say that Honk Hong has the highest female comic letters writing ratio anywhere. Take a bow, er, courtesy Sarah Griffiths (Prog 653) and Jayne Corbett (Prog 820).

Gary’s letter is anther run through things he loves apart from a boot in the jaffers to ‘The Order’ which Tharg totally ignores. Gary likes most stuff however, and is rewarded with a Stickleback return.

We finish up with Graham Colebeck of Bournemouth who is the only writer to praise Tharg’s droids for working through the crisis. He may however have the fever as he loves ‘The Order’! He does give a mixed review to the Prog in general and the demise of The Survival Geeks makes it a downbeat ending to the page. Which is fair enough really.

This is Graham’s 6th letter and 4th in the Prog he was previously seen in Prog 2061 in 2017.

Overall a mixed bag of letters with the bag being marked ‘lacklustre letters’. I would have given Josh the thrill of ‘Letter of the Week’ with his being the pick of a largely pedestrian bunch.

See you in a couple of months!

Good job Colin!

Have you approached Dan for a comment? I'd be chuffed if it was me!

Off Topic / Re: 500 Days of Slimmer - and Some Other Crap Too...
« on: 01 July, 2020, 12:02:46 AM »
Another month flies by - hope all are well as we start to emerge from the shadows - stay where you are Leicester people!

Thanks for the kind words about me passing my exams - would have posted earlier but I'm conscious of bumping such a vanity thread!

This has been a quick month with success on some fronts. Others, not so much.

Lose Weight : Not doing well with the gym shut down. Curbed the wine until the weekends only but the Friday night takeaway is a killer + a peshwari nan. This will be the last week of gluttony as we are getting a kitchen fitted and takeaways are all we have! In mitigation I've not had chocolate or Haribo in months and I have lost the urge for snacking.

Update Blogs regularly : Did my usual 'focus too much on one thing' thing again with a total of 44 films watches and critiqued. 45 if you count the Will Ferrell Eurovision one that doesn't fit my criteria. The Definite Article blog saw the most with a whopping 25 entries. Best of the month was The Duellists which was Ridley Scott's first feature. The 'W' Blog saw 19 entries with the pick of the litter being Wind River which was cold and brutal. Lovely!

Update the Lettersentertainyou thread for each letters publication event : No Nerve Centre or Dreddlines letters this month. For shame. Again!

Average 12,500 steps a day : Probably averaging about 6000 - spending too long inside watching movies that start with a 'W'.

Get 105 Letters Printed : - Sending fewer as all are going in the bin. C'mon Tharg unquarantine that inbox!

Pass ACII : Still awaiting the certificate but did get notified that I'd been awarded the CII Certificate for 'Excellence in Claims Practice'. Another certificate awaited along with £250. Actually I was jointly awarded it, but we won't talk about that.

Get on TV Again : All games shows are now reruns and no one is recruiting!

Bag 50 Munros in total : Parked until the Summer!

General / Re: FINAL - Dan Abnett or Pat Mills - For the Godpleton Cup
« on: 25 June, 2020, 08:00:27 PM »
Pat has the history but he also has the sexy ostriches. Two piles of trades - what do you pick? Got to be Dan Abnett for me.

Dan's the man for me in this match up.

Pat for being a 2000ad man for life, Moore just used it as a stepping stone.

Used to like Elaine out of Taxi - hope she shows up (in my boudoir).

Interestingly the actress who plays her, Marilu Henner has hyperthymesia or total recall memory; she can remember specific details of virtually every day of her life since she was a small child.

Anyway, good luck with the book!

General / Re: 2000ad Art Stars - Anderson
« on: 17 June, 2020, 12:00:08 PM »
Nice! A lot of Debbie Harry in there - which was Anderson's original inspiration if I remember correctly?

I think even the most contrary person would struggle to justify a vote against the bearded one. Alan Moore for me.

Rob Williams for producing more stuff that I prefer, but only just.

Not a Slaine fan but Pat's footprint squashes almost all.

Edginton for Leviathan and a few other choice offerings.

Alan Grant for a body of work that is measured in decades. Like the Moore but he jumped a bit to early for 2000ad icon status

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