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Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: Today at 02:18:17 PM »
That's what I mean… every country in the world agreed to simultaneously tank their economy? And falsify statistics en masse, fake deaths, co opt the entire contingent of healthcare professionals in their respective nations, not one of whom has turned whistle-blower…

To be fair if it was this it would be a glorious example of international cooperation on a scale that's been utterly unimaginable up to now and a source of great hope for the future!... well assuming the next time they decide to cooperation in this unilateral way its done for something positive... like starting a new version of Battle or reprinting Doomlord...

...or something more ambitious...

General / Re: Lawless: Bedrock Melody - The musical
« on: Today at 01:41:36 PM »
Shall we pretend I did that deliberately to inspire such a fantastic ditty... yeah we'll go with that shall we...

General / Re: Sad Day for Megazine
« on: Today at 11:06:14 AM »
Now, someday I'd like to see the Meg come with a sort of Dreddworld Atlas, with descriptions of the major events of each region and reprinted illustrations to go with them.

This is a great idea.

Yes, yes it is.

General / Re: Lawless: Bedrock Melody - The musical
« on: Today at 10:26:15 AM »
Its awesome!
I really want a copy I can download an add to my iTunes.
Hope it eventually get a download release or appears on iTunes or Amazon Music! I'd pay for it!

Welcome aboard!

I really hope, one day, when conventions happen again and we can all group together they'll be some glorious crazy folks who'll put on a live show of it. I mean can you imagine how fantastic that would be.

General / Lawless: Bedrock Melody - The musical
« on: Today at 09:21:23 AM »
Felt this needed its own thread even though its much discussed in the Meg 424 thread.

Now I've listened to it the only problem is I've found the opening Boom Town song is a bit of an ear worm and after hearing it again while listening to the Thrillcast when running this morning I found myself humming it to myself while working!

For anyone whose not heard it well recommended


General / Re: Sad Day for Megazine
« on: Today at 09:13:48 AM »
Well as old and befuddled as I am, the collector in me cannot not buy the 30th Anniversary issue.


I wonder did you do this and if so has it had any impact on your decision. I thought it was a great issue and the stories coming out look really good and curious as to whether its tempted you to stick around?

General / UNDT - Quarter Finals
« on: Today at 06:39:27 AM »
Oh bugger I'm not ready... bear with me folks I'll get stuff sorted over the weekend and we'll be good to go early next week hopefully.

In the meantime admire your quarter finalists:

Mean Angel
Wuffy Malletchops
Nikolai Dante
Halo Jones
Judge Anderson
Johnny Alpha

VOTING CLOSED - but we still want your thoughts dead or alive.

I mean when will The Stix learn hey? I mean really Draw this, draw that and pop pop down they go every time and they just don't have a response. And so

Johnny Alpha

Guns his way through to the Quarter finals.

VOTING CLOSED but keep getting those message through from the darkside

PICTURREEEE!!!! but is it of the winner...

...well yes clearly yes. Everytime these two come up against each other Mrs A's girl comes out on top and her only weakness seems to be folks debating who her visual design is based on.

Judge Cassandra Anderson

Is through to the quarters.

General / Re: Johnny Red Rebellion reprints
« on: 17 September, 2020, 03:35:04 PM »
No idea about Rebellion's reprint plans, I'm afraid but, IIRC, Pat didn't write any of the WW2 Charley stuff (I want to say Scott Goodall did, but that may be my memory playing its usual tricks). It didn't run for that long, ended rather abruptly, and, notwithstanding the Joe Colqhoun art, isn't much good, if I'm honest.

Shoddy memory aside I think this is right BUT also seem to recall Pat Mills somewhere suggesting he'd like to see the WWII stuff collected if only as a art collection to show off Joe Colqhoun's art... mind how much weight Pat's thoughts carry with Rebellion these days...

General / Re: Johnny Red Rebellion reprints
« on: 17 September, 2020, 03:33:13 PM »
Not aware of anything. The Titan reprints limped to volume 4 the first John Cooper stuff but nothing beyond that. Which is a shame. I imagine they didn't sell as well as Charley's War - which is a much more renowned strip and you can see why Rebellion reprinted it straight away after buying the Treasury - especially with the improve repro from contingental publishing available (assumign they used those?) and the colour added back.

I'd guess Johnny Red doesn't command the same numbers to justify an immediate duplication. Which is a shame as it would be great to have more.

You'd think it was on the list somewhere - but who knows how far down what I assume is quite a long list - and if I'm honest I'd like to get The Sarge first as I have memories of loving that. It has Mike Western Art and unlike Johnny R I don't have any (God knows if it hold up!?!)

Megazine / Re: Meg 424 - Thirty Megnificent Years
« on: 17 September, 2020, 01:41:26 PM »

It looks like we will be getting the encyclopedia until the 45th anniversary of the prog

Which terrifyingly is less than 18 months away!

General / Re: UNDT Round 4 Heat 8: The Stix Brothers vs Johnny Alpha
« on: 17 September, 2020, 09:34:42 AM »
Christ that's a great cover!

Megazine / Re: Meg 424 - Thirty Megnificent Years
« on: 17 September, 2020, 06:59:09 AM »
Sorry got carried away with all the singing and dancing there. Have read the rest of the Prog and its a pretty solid read.

Dredd is an excellent, explosive start examining Judge Beeny and her relationship with her families past. Art shift could have been jarring, but both artists are so good it drifts past.

Megatropolois has a fantastic start. Stunning art by David Taylor and the noir corrupt cop story cast into an alternate Mega City One is a fantastic premise. A way to go but this is an excellent start.

Dreadnoughts as folks have said is grimmy timely and put together fantastically. His one isn't going to be fun, but it could well be very good.

Anderson PSI Division - I get that there's the idea that you have to have an Anderson story in these big Meg issues but it needs to mean something. It needs to add or say something. For me this was simply didn't alas.

The Returners Glad to have this one back and it looks amazing. Interesting down to earth start and we'll see how it develops.

Delieverance Wonderfully grim start and these stories have really engaged me in a way Dark Judges stories haven't for the longest time and this one starts with great potential.

Lawless - Well discussed already but its long, looks amazing and now comes with a free audio book! Genius.

Great text pieces, particularly the interview with Dave Hunt.

I was really looking forward to the Encyclopedia but the excecution was a bit wanting. Its as if they hadn't quite got it planned out as they started and didn't have time to edit back once they got going. So the 'A' entries wash around in open space while thr 'B' are all crammed into corners. Not sure what happened but hopefully can be tidied before the final print edition as it has such potential.

General / Re: UNDT Round 4 Heat 8: The Stix Brothers vs Johnny Alpha
« on: 17 September, 2020, 06:41:51 AM »
Draw on the count of three - this one is about to close so get your votes in for the morning.

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