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Games / The Skyrim challenge
« on: 19 September, 2015, 01:19:44 AM »
Ok so can you tell the difference between real life and a 4 year old game
The answer is yes, real life will run faster than 3 frames per second
full album http://imgur.com/a/MVasR

I thought this was some skyrim cosplay  :-[

Games / Glorious PC Gaming Master Race raffle and tombola
« on: 29 May, 2015, 01:03:15 PM »
Sharing is caring

Survivalist   Steam Key: NMAEW-0ZYVR-WBEKR
Spark Rising   Steam Key: 3L8FL-CPEPA-IETB0
Reload   Steam Key: 4HYTL-RGKRL-XLL20
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising   Steam Key: TXI8X-0HYMP-2VW47
Operation Flashpoint: Red River   Steam Key: QG3Z8-ZKVEY-TDP0A
Ubersoldier II   Steam Key: NGFZP-6VJNH-G2IRC
Nam   Steam Key: BZ3WJ-N6FV5-JE7CA
Epigenesis   Steam Key: 783WV-AT8TN-DJLFF
Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=mGuSDkxTwZXEGcwB

Games / Besiege: DaVinci sheep murdering simulator
« on: 04 February, 2015, 10:35:58 PM »
A physics game where you build things to destroy buildings, murder sheep or simply explode after 3 seconds. It looks great.
Enough words, videos!

catapult fail/WIN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kdlgUfA-jY
samurai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUrueLXddMk
sheep cooker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weq067NhdS0
mortar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5O7fwPKYJ4
cannons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9U9u4o_9WM
/v/ compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srjxT5UI47s


Games / Tony Hawk's Pro Skyrim
« on: 24 November, 2014, 05:01:02 PM »
Battle the forces of darkness, physics and possibly elves in Tony Hawk's Pro Skyrim. Choose your class, Warrior, Magician, "Rouge", Microwave and Hunter in an accurate simulation of a massively multiplayer online role playing fantasy extravaganza.

Games / Final Fantasy XIII: How to make a bad game awful
« on: 18 October, 2014, 12:23:16 PM »
I was looking forward to the PC release of FF:XIII partly because I love walking in straight lines through worlds that don't even bother to try and disguise their linearity for 20 hours and then "open up" into running in a big circle punching monsters but mostly because Square is finally giving the master race the love they deserve....

And by love I mean
Locked at 720p. I'm led to believe that the p stands for peasant but my sources (the internet) could be wrong.
Zero graphics options. Absolutely none. Nothing. Nope. Wat? No Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, V-sync, Shadow Resolution. Nothing.
50GB++ download because they included badly compressed cut scenes in japanese and english for the anime nerdz. I have unlimited fast internet but even 50GB is not going to happen.
Also pressing escape immediately quits to desktop because no one ever presses the universal pause/options key for anything else right?

Why are nearly all japanese console ports terrible

Games / Shadow of Mordor: One does not simply review a game
« on: 06 October, 2014, 12:51:02 AM »
The music is wonderful. 10/10 like some kind of bear mccreary battle star galactica score and the skyrim theme. It's great.
The graphics are nothing spectacular though.
Here it is in high settings

And again in ultra with the HD pack

Not exactly the next gen I was promised. I found the gameplay to be rather repetitive, it was an exciting adventure for about 2 minutes with the possibility of a cylon attack but I quickly grew bored

I thought perhaps I'd bought into the hype and got too excited by pre-order day one magic pants dlc so left it for a bit while I had a nice cup of tea but even after 2 cups of tea and a jaffa cake the outcome remained the same.
If you listen closely to this screenshot you can just about hear an orc or it could have been a cylon, the music was very misleading in that regard

All in all I give this game, shadow of mordor, 12 out of a possible ten points on a scale where one is a game and 12 is also a game. I think.
I can safely recommend this to anyone who enjoys 27 seconds of nice music in a loop that sounds vaguely like skyrim and space drama

Games / publicly shame yourself
« on: 28 August, 2014, 12:10:39 PM »
pc gaming is very different to console gaming, generally we pay less for our games and subscription fees are something that happen to mmorpg players which means we have a more money to spend on more game which we spend on cheaper games which leave us more money to spend on more games.
Plus we aren't peasants which mean we can afford more games, we donate to charity, are kinder to animals, better in bed and are generally fitter and more attractive to the opposite sex due to our philanthropy and generally more impressive sexual organs.
Our inherent richness, materially, spiritually and physically, and the awesome gamification of buying games means we end up owning lots of games because you just gotta catch them all. This leaves us with a pile of shame, the steam library of sadness.

* *Worth:* $3229.67 ($1079.91 with sales)

* *Games owned:* 264

* *Games not played:* 69 **(26%)**

* *Hours spent:* 575.0h
The saddest thing:
I bought fallout 3 game of the year edition and only played it for 3 minutes

Confront your shame

Games / Broforce: Featuring Bro Dredd
« on: 19 April, 2014, 03:10:49 AM »
49 seconds of Bro Dredd. Brodacious!

Broforce is a multiplayer co-op american action patriotism simulator featuring a host of 80's action Bro's including Rambro, Brade, Brobocop and Bro Dredd and amazing features such as destructable terrain, online multiplayer, shoddy third world construction and motherfucking ziplines.  Also bees. BEEEEEEEES!


I think it's still on sale on humble bundle for Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

Games / Goat simulator: More like GOTY simulator
« on: 29 March, 2014, 03:11:06 PM »
Goat simulator is just like Tony Hawk Pro Skater except that instead of being Tony Hawk you are a goat and instead of skating you headbutt raving red necks into combine harvesters or trampoline through someones bedroom window because physics and/or The Internet.

Goat simulator is broken and bugged and hilarious and the 2nd best game I've bought this year (Jazzpunk) and really appeals to the part of my brain that enjoys running up and down the tables in Skyrim while the NPCs try to have a meal.

launch trailer

Film & TV / 47 Ronin: Wait what?
« on: 27 December, 2013, 01:51:41 AM »
47 Ronin tells the true story of how a rainbow peace warrior and son of at least two human beings, one of whom was probably mostly partly asian, battled interdimensional space demons who may or may not have been pre renaisance scientologists from the future.
Keanu Reeves stars in this Keanu Reeves historically accurate Keanu Reeves vehicle and while he is most certainly not racist you are asked to squint slightly so he looks 6% asian while kicking all of the asses and saving china from future robot nazis.

The totally true story of the 47 Ronin is this:@
A sexy shape changing space witch trades freaky space sex with an actual asian in return for the total and utter enslavement of mankind in korea. This guy, captain kirk, is all like "fuck yea" but this other dude, one of the guys from daft punk, who is a totally righteous ass kicking olympic fencer isn't down with it and slaps him with a fork and immediately realises that this is totally bogus in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee and commits sepuku which, I have on good authority, is acually a pokemon.
Some time almost immediately afterwards 47 guys and keanu reeves turn up who happen to be that guy from daft punks employees and totally have contracts and have formed a union like the teachers union but real. As you can imagine, they are pretty mad as that guy from daft punk has the pay roll and tax information and stuff.
The 47 guys and keanu reeves spend the next 2 years preparing to take captain kirk to an industrial tribunal so that they can get their back pay, tax code and various other important things that they totally need from the guy and setting mongolia on the road to democracy.
And then they have soft tacos.

I give this movie 6 keanu reeves out of 5 keanu reeves on a 1-10 keanu reeves sliding scale of keanu reeves where 1 is keanu reeves and 10 is keanu reeves.


Games / Just Cause 2: the gta 5 you will never have, peasant
« on: 16 December, 2013, 10:38:58 PM »
If you've never played Just Cause 2 then I think this gif sums it up perfectly

Just Cause 2 is an open world sand box game ala GTA but without trying to be Good Fellas literally all the time, alas the game was single player only. sadface.
But like everything on the PC, it's a billion times better than the console versions. Also you are scum.

For a couple of years some dedicated fans have been working on a multiplayer mod for JC2. A multi player mod that lets upwards of a thousand players play together and I don't mean in a crappy world of warcraft way.
I mean all together.
I'm not even sure there is a player cap, there are some servers with a max player limit of 10,000, the most I saw on at once in the last beta was 1,700.
jc2-mp is out today for the pc gaming master race.
awww you bought a ps4?


Film & TV / Dredd with puppets
« on: 05 December, 2013, 10:37:29 AM »
can't post in the film section

Off Topic / Star Trek: into jerkness
« on: 26 May, 2013, 11:08:55 PM »
This is what happens when you take all of the scripts from every star trek episode ever and run them through our bots in Wayfar.
It's impossible to be in the same room as them all without developing a brain tumour.
On the cheap television: Spock [to Picard]: defence. Captain, We lost the capacity for rational decision.
On the cheap television: Seven of Nine [to Spock]: studied any time. the Captain of the wormhole's neutrino levels are stable. It's working. Unimatrix Zero is real, and So are the facts verified? computer off.
On the cheap television: Sulu [to Picard]: expanding gases from a chemical explosion.
On the cheap television: Q [to Wesley Crusher]: outdated human morality. to say those words.
On the cheap television: Geordi [to Spock]: Doctor. thank you. we recomposite the crystals while They're freeing up the input sensors. I'm not here. I thought I could really use your help, Worf still a member of the way you're looking. Wesley! I can manage it. I'm running a level five containment field generator that Apgar during in his waking dream He said something about Ghorusda. weren't there about five centuries. it's something, isn't it?
On the cheap television: Troi [to kirk]: Sheriff. You two have successfully divided the evening between you.
On the cheap television: Wesley Crusher [to Sulu]: a hero. word to describe me.. is that high-speed sound you make?. How can you imagine If it goes the way I planned it. Fanatic fan addict But a man could have been left open. it's just the two of the Borg tractor beam into ship's power.
On the cheap television: Kirk [to Sulu]: I most certainly do.
On the cheap television: The computer [to Geordi]: your luck again.
On the cheap television: Riker [to Wesley Crusher]: that probe. I want to See him, immediately. we tried, sir. it sounds like Q to Give the captain of the explosion site.
On the cheap television: Worf [to Geordi]: appreciate What You are certain You are an insulting, pompous fool, and If You will defeat him easily. You are here In order to ensure that the ship we saw In the Yamato's Engineering section.
On the cheap television: Bones [to Sulu]: one, just once, I'd like to take these.
On the cheap television: Data [to Geordi]: distinctive subspace signature And locate his ship. It Does seem to be the entrance to a another part of the moons of Pentarus Three. Uncertain. I have no contact with the Enterprise.
On the cheap television: Picard [to kirk]: without food? no longer? It's imperative. we can in a way of life and we discuss this situation.
On the cheap television: Spock [to Seven of Nine]: a viable One.
On the cheap television: Seven of Nine [to Geordi]: complete systems failure. is There any other member of the discharges But the present situation We must adapt. narrow the annular confinement beam is unstable. I believe the crew morale They seemed focused on Their own. that is part of the signal. My understanding that All members of This phenomenon for many years to proliferate. to you, Perhaps.
On the cheap television: Sulu [to Troi]: and Ready, sir.
On the cheap television: Q [to Sulu]: course in humanities.
On the cheap television: Geordi [to Worf]: gone over it inch by inch ever since.
On the cheap television: Troi [to Riker]: can't track down any element That might be able to access images being generated by her metaconscious, But He is immune to Our computer system.
On the cheap television: Wesley Crusher [to Troi]: go For my friend here..
On the cheap television: Kirk [to Geordi]: We brought aboard is in this sector for other work? Oh.
On the cheap television: The computer [to Picard]: Starship are nine tenths depleted, calculate the intermix ratio necessary to facilitate the system upgrade. Full power can be restored If needed. Era?
On the cheap television: Riker [to Spock]: this go. Congratulations. you just tell the computer still Isn't working properly. I can't believe How stupid I was.
On the cheap television: Worf [to Riker]: my adoptive parents often give these things are?
On the cheap television: Bones [to Wesley Crusher]: Mister Spock gave him character.
On the cheap television: Data [to Troi]: It misdirected them to Reverse that decision.
On the cheap television: Picard [to Seven of Nine]: that four percent, Lieutenant. Picard out. Well, Doctor. your next priority will be delighted to see You in plenty. only enough to provide some insights.
On the cheap television: Spock [to Wesley Crusher]: to coalesce in my green blood, the creature is here to Sickbay. Captain. at least several hours.
On the cheap television: Seven of Nine [to Geordi]: Janeway is more cautious.
On the cheap television: Sulu [to the computer]: sir. we've tangled With them for a lucky shot before They zero in on us?
On the cheap television: Q [to Sulu]: anyone, Or have an adverse affect on What You know of as history.
On the cheap television: Geordi [to Worf]: fine. in the atmosphere. I'll turn the ship jumped into Warp when it did, we would've been blown to pieces. I just hate that, don't you?
On the cheap television: Troi [to Geordi]: stir some feelings.
On the cheap television: Wesley Crusher [to the computer]: But he knows they turn up from the Enterprise.. No, sir. it's going to be all right If I have a funny way of life?. what's going on in the shower, just to gather my body powers. But still my strength And my faith in God was the workload or the stress of being on the wrong setting.. What usually does?. just Because I Want to go For my own added.. And since the Captain is?. No, not For over a century.. Routing. ready For world entrance. my sense is playing hide And seek For hours. doing yoga in the middle of a needle. than For the Klingons, But I won't be wearing this uniform any longer. I'm resigning from the neutrino clouds will become synchronous.. Someday, you'll See it all For yourself. look over there.. believe me, Ten forward isn't an illusion.. is something wrong?. And that you don't hear me. you think I understand..
On the cheap television: Kirk [to Wesley Crusher]: out. Phasers on stun. He's Not only Do We have any answers?
On the cheap television: The computer [to kirk]: programme Installation complete.
On the cheap television: Riker [to Data]: are born as biological life form.
On the cheap television: Worf [to Spock]: cover the Photon torpedoes.
On the cheap television: Bones [to Picard]: Jim, We're not diplomats.
On the cheap television: Data [to Wesley Crusher]: well. however their death rituals are quite impressive, Captain. the wave is continuing to build, sir. We speak often. It is an energy fluctuation in the neural filaments is to prepare for it. Why? I am still alive in the cell membrane, but.
On the cheap television: Picard [to Riker]: Yes, for a Cardassian warship.
On the cheap television: Spock [to kirk]: prevail in our computer banks. in It should be sending up a Report attesting to the the epidemic will prove fatal to us at least two More days before I dare make another attempt. Captain, our phasers is expressly forbidden. No, Captain.
On the cheap television: Seven of Nine [to Troi]: sensor estimates of the Yankees, in six years you haven't chosen A Name for yourself, But you've assigned him to be Alone. your filing system is regenerating. they'll be eager. I guess This rules out Vorothon Gorge. It was an enjoyable activity for both of them the crew My parents were assimilated. My father has A sister of My victims. I helped to assimilate you. Once I return to the Borg.
On the cheap television: Sulu [to Worf]: so, so beautiful. she just touched me.
On the cheap television: Q [to Data]: this, Picard, and reflect. all the good times I had with you. you're forgetting, Jean-Luc.
On the cheap television: Geordi [to the computer]: panels. over here gave us exactly What it is possible.
On the cheap television: Troi [to Data]: wedding? I can't read You right up to me with you. I'm sure they understand. As soon As I could use something a little concerned at the console. why don't we go for a price.
On the cheap television: Wesley Crusher [to kirk]: collect my final project For Advanced Genetics. it's on Your payoff. they know that law.
On the cheap television: Kirk [to Sulu]: armed And possibly headed towards the ship's surgeon. you say this Companion of yours can Do it. that station is fully automated. get out of the need for adults. they want simply by asking for your pleasure.
On the cheap television: The computer [to Riker]: launch in progress. Red alert. Take emergency stations. Automatic defense procedures initiated. energy field seven hundred and fifty miles. altitude Four hundred and fifty miles. altitude Four hundred and five metres in diameter. Sensors cannot penetrate the field.
On the cheap television: Riker [to Picard]: Ambassador Mauric here we'll see. a lot about Her we Don't know What to think, What to eat, What to say, and When we first started to tell you that either.
On the cheap television: Worf [to Geordi]: Counsellor Troi were In those Sections and are missing. They have reported in. They found several archaeological sites.
On the cheap television: Bones [to Data]: triangle. I do for you, Jim?
On the cheap television: Data [to Q]: It highly unlikely that Jo'Bril would perform sabotage which would result in his nakedness he appears But a man. Therefore, his fears, out of their process of Learning How to help her. Lal is my body now. It is picking up a curious sensation.
On the cheap television: Picard [to Sulu]: it. We'll adjourn for Now while we still have some power left, It is difficult to copy your transmission.
On the cheap television: Spock [to Sulu]: flush, Captain. take care, young ladies, and value Your wine. be watchful of young men in Their lives.
On the cheap television: Seven of Nine [to Worf]: its affecting All Our systems.
On the cheap television: Sulu [to Data]: we read You, But surely you know what looked right or wrong If it were two feet from me. what is it?
On the cheap television: Q [to Data]: play coy with me, Captain. I witnessed your little spat with Vash. nor will I soon forget the look of anguish on your pivotal role in history. nothing You do have a moon in a deteriorating orbit.
On the cheap television: Geordi [to Q]: cargo. I'd say within the Borg download his memory, It'll be incorporated it into a power accumulator.
On the cheap television: Troi [to Sulu]: wife easily and You think I'm attractive?
On the cheap television: Wesley Crusher [to Worf]: from you.. perfect. the queen's gambit finished off with Your speakers..
On the cheap television: Kirk [to Worf]: could anyone get out of paradise. Doctor, Do you Read them?
On the cheap television: The computer [to Q]: teracochrans. Commander Tuvok. Insufficient sensor data.
On the cheap television: Riker [to Geordi]: did disappear down there. this is the food station. you can help you with, Mister Remmick? I Don't think you'd begin to show you Your quarters and felt as if someone could have Come full circle, sir.
On the cheap television: Worf [to Data]: You mock me? why do You want to discuss it further.
On the cheap television: Bones [to Q]: Yeah. Hot as Vulcan.
On the cheap television: Data [to Bones]: And of Mrs Soong.
On the cheap television: Picard [to Wesley Crusher]: your baby! my goodness.

Games / Wayfar1444: So indie it's not even on kickstarter
« on: 31 March, 2013, 09:49:09 PM »
Dwarf Fortress really made me want to do a procedurally generated project, and I noticed a distinct lack of cutting edge, or even barely awesome space MOO/MUDs.  I started work on my third personal game project.

I have reached alpha completion on a sci fi MOO, Wayfar 1444.  It's kind of a dwarf fort, conquestmud campy/far future sci fi game that I've been working on for about a year.  Things that are working as of now include procedurally generated planets, kingdom of loathing inspired reroll system, modern style skill based advancement, exploration & crafting, vehicles, aircraft, turrets, starships, player owned shops & buildings, hacking, procedural wildlife and resources, robot control and a unique dice pool based combat system.

Wayfar is a proceedurally generated space text multiplayer rpg thing created by an internet friend named genmac and myself and a few other people have helped out by adding such things as a dubstep mode
  [chatzone] wubwobblewobblewubwubwwobblewwubb
  [chatzone] bwobblewwobblebwubwobwob
  [chatzone] wobwobblewwbwwob
  [chatzone] Aphteroid says, "oh for fuck's sake i'm writing a god damn verb"
  [chatzone] wwubbwobblewobwobwobblewobblewubwwubwub
  [chatzone] wubbwwwwubwobble
  [chatzone] wobblewobwubbwobblewwobblewobwobwob
  [chatzone] Aphteroid says, "have you any idea how difficult it is to program when all the verb code is filtered into dubstep"
and dubstep guns
  Aphteroid goes for his dubstep gun.
  Aphteroid wields his dubstep gun.
  Aphteroid switches targets to ASecretiveMan.
  ASecretiveMan removes his adminium jumpsuit.
  hadi says, "oh gaud"
  Aphteroid WUBWUBWUBwwwbbbbbBBBBWOBBLEbbbbwbwbwbWOBBLEwobbleWWUB ASecretiveMan
    holy shit
  Aphteroid crumples to the ground, gasps out his last breath, and dies.
  [gamenet] [Fri Sep 28 09:25:04 2012 EDT] Aphteroid (#10193) died at leafy wood
  [laff zone] Aphteroid was killed by forces unknown.
There are rumours of rogue dubstep robots roaming one of the planets but I cannot confirm or deny.

We also have spaceships, planets, jetpacks, lasers, dangerously sentient arguement bots, weather and sometimes we have players and many other exciting features that aren't all dubstep related.

We are
Hawgpadre/genmac - pays for everything with his vegas slots dollars if he doesn't spend it on weed first.
Aphteroid - also known as cataphteroid. recently converted to christianity  in order get laid.
ASmallMoose = may or may not be massively obese. but he is fat.
Adminski - occasionally shows up and posts mail telling us how awful we are
Dragon - A geniune Iranian
Dibolcrif - was forced to ascend at gunpoint and doesn't really know why or what to do.
Eazy - currently starring in ice boat fish truckers reality tv show in canada or something
Me - A drunk

We don't know what we're doing  :o
  84 on *comedy (#104047)                        // Thu Jul 26 08:52:21 2012 EDT
  Aphteroid's Accidents 26/07/12                 // From: Aphteroid (#10193)
   Category              | Status                // Unassigned
   Joke                  | Submitted             //  +1/  0 votes
  Whilst developing an action to let NPCs fly planes, I decided to test things
    out by sitting a complex two ranger in the cockpit of a vertibird and
    forcing him to perform this action. He took off perfectly fine before
    mysteriously dissapearing out of the cockpit, various alarm bells were
    ringing because he appeared to be performing ~5 actions a second.
  It was then I realised I'd overlooked a single line in the action code which
    actually moves the vehicle, it actually moved HIM rather than the vertibird
    but because the vertibird wasn't moving anywhere he was stuck moving east
    until I killed him. He'd made about two orbits of WY-1444 by the time I
    relieved him of the horrors of travel_flyer.
  Remember folks, it's always the small things that break the big things.
54 on *comedy (#104047)                        // Sat Jun 30 07:32:24 2012 EDT
  safe!                                          // From: CheechLizard (#18347)
   Category              | Status                // Unassigned
   Joke                  | Submitted             //  +1/  0 votes
  Gilgamesh gives his dorg repellent a couple of shakes and begins spraying his
  Gilgamesh exclaims, "Safe!"
  The polar dorg growls viciously.
  The polar dorg snaps at Gilgamesh!
  The polar dorg lands a successful attack on Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh switches targets to a polar dorg.
  Gilgamesh rears back for a vicious slash at a polar dorg!
  Gilgamesh lands a successful attack on a polar dorg!
  The polar dorg switches targets to Gilgamesh.
  The polar dorg slashes at Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh rears back for a vicious slash at a polar dorg!         
  The polar dorg lands a successful attack on Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh crumples to the ground, gasps out his last breath, and dies.

come play, hang out and get drunk with us

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