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Hello ladies and gents!

I'm a 2000ad newbie, kind of. My exposure to the world of 2000ad started 1995 when the first Dredd movie came out. Now, I imagine at this point some of your are groaning, maybe rolling your eyes, but bear with me.
A little while after that I would occasionally read a prog here and there but I was a young lad and I don't think I really got it. I was still playing with Power Ranger toys. Anyway, to cut a long story short that was it...until...2012.

At that point I had become a keen comic book geek, mostly reading stuff from 'The Big 2' but I saw the trailer for Dredd and it had me hyped. This was nothing like the movie I had seen in 1995! I saw it, loved it and not long after decided to invest some money in a few case files.
Since then I've just read a couple of Dredd stories but now I feel like I REALLY want to immerse my self completely in the prog. However, I've been trying to find the perfect 'jumping on' point and the material I need to understand the key players in the 2000ad-verse.

I know the prog has 'entry issues' where you get a fresh story for every character but it feels like I can't fully appreciate it without knowing more of the backstory. So, fellow earthlets, what would you recommend?
I'm aware that Hatchette is doing a 2000ad ultimate collection. Is it worth picking up? Would it help fill me in? Should I just pick up the graphic novels before picking up the prog? What do I do?

Your help would be much appreciated, earthlets.

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