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Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: Today at 11:16:42 AM »
My condolences Sheridan - from the little bit I can read online it seems hers was a life lived well and doing good. Some to be clebrated in these sad times.

Anyone who has the misfortunte to read my whittering here know how I want this to go. And I don't think it will be by the look...

I WILL BE TAKING NAMES if that happens. Don't make me cry.

Vote closes in the morning and I'll annouce the result then.

Counting this one up in the morning so if you haven't vote yet give your fav a ndo today.


Well while the votes clearly always going one way there was a lot of love for Dave Taylor here and as someone said he's the closed we've had to Moebius - which is quite some acalade. However its little surprise that

Henry Flint

Has justified his place as one of the favs here and is through to the Quarter Finals.


Well the one thing I'll say is this is the vote I'm probably most glad didn't got to a tie as I personally don't think I'd be able to decide between these two favs of mine. As it is the final result was pretty clear and

Ron Smith

Is through to the Quarter Finals.

General / Re: Dreddverse Map
« on: Today at 07:15:16 AM »
Hi Robin,

There was a timeline I saw, years ago now - I think it was in the Games Workshop Judge Dredd RPG, and it tied in information from Flesh, and also from Strontium Dog. Or maybe my old brain is mashing together bits of that and other lists from the board - probably yours if you published it here.

One thing I get about being a mad collector is that it doesn't matter much to the job of publishing 2000 AD every week - their concern is always going to be focused on the here and now - what are stories doing now, are they popular now and can we sell a collected edition?

Whether Top Dogs or Casualties of War or Pat's tendency to tie everything together (although the link between Slaine and Ro-Busters has yet to be explored) means anything is a bit irrelevant, I suppose, in the grand scheme of things. It's all just something that was published in the past.

It is sad, of course, that so many of our favorite creators are no longer able to thrill us in the pages of the comic - whether they've shuffled off the mortal coil or retired or drifted into pastures new - but I'm still keen to see what the new generation does with the thing that was never meant to last this long in the first place.

Dredd has shifted away from being this core driven mostly by a single writer into a milieu in which many writers weave their own visions - and it is weird, as a long-timer, to try to understand whether Dredd is a character or a narrative vessel.

The stories that have really gripped me recently are newer concerns, and if Dredd exists as the tent-pole that holds up the entire circus then ... okay. A tent-pole covered in old flyers that cover up the chips and dents. We lean against it, taking it for granted as we watch the new acts take to the floor.

All the best,


Funt Solo that is a glorious sentiment that I share so much of. You are a magnificent man of both data and words.

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 16 January, 2021, 06:21:58 PM »

So this is what a pun of Sinister Dexter should be like - Witless Protection

Saying Sinister Dexter has had its day is like being one of those folks on Facebook who say 2000ad has been any good since [insert date], or the Prog has been on a steady decline since [insert Prog #]. Now I accept that's a little provocative as many hold the former view, while being nothing like those that hold the latter*. The think is I loves ya BUT YOU ARE WRONG.

Oh you think I need to make a balance arguement do you rather than simply typing in all caps? How long you been on the Internet. Okay, okay how about this.

Sinister. Dexter. Is. Still. Great.

What so a full stop after each word doesn't convince you.... it adds emphasis... to push my view over your... you... you still need a reasoned argument... Jez you haven't accept how the Internet works have you.

Okay now Self Absorbed YNWA is perfectly armed with 'Witless Protection' - NuYNWA has a host of others - well pretty much everything since then (or whatever point you happened to stop liking Sinister Dexter.) but lets stick with the theme of the thread and go with ol' Self Absorbed has shall we.

Witless Protection picks up the tale as Sinister, once again as Malone is on Generica, this time under witness protection. He of course can't keep out of trouble. Eventually he is forced to track down Ray and Tracey, happy living the suberban dream that you strongly suspect Ray has alway dreamt off, to recapture the happiness of his family upbringing. It of course all goes horribly wrong.

Witless Protection is exactly what the stumbling Bulletopia should be - all be it its only 12 issues. The story - like its modern cousin is broken into solid short story chunks. But they run back to back so there is absolutely no lose of momentum. Each episode is expertly crafted by Dabnett in the way he does in his more heralded tales.

The final part of 'In Plain Shite' is a prime example. A simple face off between Finny and a mob of 6, with 3 bullets in his gun. Dabnett weaves a glorious short, self contained, detailed, sharply constructed piece of combat, In doing so he shows quite why Ray and Finny are so good, something taken for granted fo so long to give fresh view of these long lived stars of 2000ad. He then rolls the main over arching plot on and thrusts us forward, closing off the 5 part 'In Plain Shite' and without missing a beat setting up the next story 'Last Rights'. In five pages its the perfect self contained story. The perfect end to a story. The perfect bridging episode to a new story. The perfect continuation of the of the ongoing story.

We then move without missing a beat into that next story. A scene shift. A fresh take and yet a conhesive whole.

The whole thing has a beautifully cohesive art style, even though duties are shared between John Burns and Simon Davis - the new setting of 'Last Rights' a story that I think is his last work on the characters (???). Just as Steve Yeowell brings the same to Bulletopia. Yet there seems to be something dragging the latters artistic genius back on the new story. Especially when you compare it to the brilliant work he did on all his early Sinister Dexter work.

As Self Absorbed YNWA gets closer to NuYNWA there is always this danger of comparing between the two. In this instance I shouldn't. It under plays what a fantasticly structured, brilliantly executed tale Witless Protection is, in its own right. Self Absorbed loved it for it own sake. NuYNWA loved it for its own sake and both invite you to re-read it an reevaluate your wrong headed views that Sinister Dexter should be assigned to the past.

Far from it, its still bang on target.

* I'm sure many who hold these 2000ad is rubbish these days are lovely in so many ways... they probably just bumped their head at some point and think modern long form telly isn't as good as when like [insert time when they were 18]

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 16 January, 2021, 05:48:16 PM »
Arh thank you - still plenty moer that could be run I see. Yeah a collection of 3rillers would make for very interesting reading - While I rarely look on Barney for things relating to this thread I though this won't matter given the nature of 3rillers and there been arouind 30 of them - 28 listed up to Prog 2148, I can think of at least 1 more since then, maybe more. So what at around 90 x 5 pages so 450 - that would be a nice collection, or two... or three!

General / Re: Dreddverse Map
« on: 16 January, 2021, 03:24:24 PM »
update - changing my VPN to USA seems to work - looks like its a problem with Imgur for UK users

Yeah just had a reply to my post on the Talktalk forums and they say it happens every year and gets fixed, but aside from changing things like going onto a VPN (or different one) your knacked until they do Maybe a compnay as big as Imgur (Are Imgur big?) forget to update their Certificates (or whatever) the same as everyone else!

Anyway back on topic - that map is still astonishing huh.

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 16 January, 2021, 01:12:32 PM »
It really is about time we get some of the 3rillers collected, isn't it?

Did I dream that had happened? Was it in one of the floppies?

General / Re: Dreddverse Map
« on: 16 January, 2021, 12:10:47 PM »
Ohhh that's pretty - work VPN allows me to see the images again firmly pointing my problem to our ISP Talktalk and I've popped to their forum to get some advice - anyway that isjust wonderful.

Following on from IndigoPrime's comment is it worth having a box for crossovers, so say Dredd Bats, Dredd Aliens, Dredd Predator etc etc.

Also listing Daily Dredd's under the Judge Dredd box? Entirely your perogative cos this is simply magnificent as it is.

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 16 January, 2021, 09:26:17 AM »

Told you I wouldn't keep you hangin' long! And I'll persist with the image drop in the hope my issues are my own and Imgurs,

Good things in small packages

So while some big stories are coming to clumsy endings there some lovely examples of small form storytelling popping up during this period. I've already given Ghostship Mathematica its moment to shine and its followed by another storming 3riller in Gunheadz. A examination of fandom, story creation - with a wonderful answer to the question 'Where do your ideas come from?' - and anthapomorhic weaponry.

This is joined by some fantastic Terror Tales / Future Shock. David Baille of aforementioned Mathematica fame shows why its such a same he seems to have moved on from Tharg early with The Death Magnetic about a cassette tape that brings terrible fates with it. This one has art by Will Morris who I don't remember seeing again? He also writes 'Time is the only Enemy' with Graeme Neil Reid a gloriouisiy meta tale of the cost of writing tales and the struggles with finding an original Future Shock. Finally Monty Nero joins in with a fun tale 'Rattle' about snakes attacking a town, this one reading like the bastard child of an old Annual story.

Its not just the one shots either. Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra give us a moving and effective Cadet Anderson story 'One in Ten' which while a 6 parter breezes along and feels much shorter - in an efffective way that means it doesn't feel dragged out. It a chilling examination of the close of having a closer link to Mega City One. I have to say I'm enjoying Grant's Cadet Anderson stories far more than I remember doing at the time.

Its not all about the short form as we get some fantastic longer stories starting - Witless Protection is a great Sinister Dexter story and Ten Seconders pops back and I'm sure I'll talk about these in due course. But for now I want to rejoice in the shorter stories that are such a staple in Tharg's plans. I can dismiss and undervalue them but when you get a run of winners like this you appreciate how they really add something different to the Prog. Particular a nice antidote to the problem I've just prattled about of open ended ending to longer for 'books' of ongoing series. Its great to have a small, sharp shot of thrillpower as a palette cleanser.

This one is closing tomorrow and while its not to close there's plenty of appreciation for both artists so far and of you want to do that just drop it in a vote today.

This one seems to be going one way but there's quite rightly plenty of love for both. So if you fancy dropping a vote in to show your support for one or another please do so today and I'll count up in the morning.


Lee Carter came out the blocks on this one but very quickly Cliff Robinson covered (see I'm still doing it, its gold this stuff) the group much much quicker. He was very quickly in front with the votes and from then it was never close. Into the quarter finals goes

Cliff Robinson

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