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Off Topic / Re: Boarder lookalikes
« on: 08 September, 2013, 04:44:44 PM »
 When I was a lot younger it was Tucker Jenkins (Todd Carty) from Grange Hill & Tucker's Luck.

 In my twenties it was Axel Rose. One friend would even try to encourage me to "do the wobbly dance." I never did.

 Nowadays my nearest and dearest, closest and oldist chums say I look like Jack Dee. And a right miserable bastard to boot... :(


Film Discussion / Re: Dredd:Blu Ray review
« on: 07 September, 2013, 09:41:59 AM »
Well it's coming up for the film's first anniversary on September 7th, maybe we should all go out and buy another copy (or two) then! :)

 Got mine. :thumbsup:


Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 07 September, 2013, 09:38:15 AM »
 Happy Anniversary Dredd 3D. I've been and bought the Blu-ray to celebrate, just need a Blu-ray player to watch it on now.

 Stew.  :D

News / Re: FUTURE SHOCK! 2000AD Documentary announced
« on: 06 September, 2013, 08:19:40 PM »
 As all others on the board, I'm really looking forward to this.

 Anybody know what the running time is going to be for the documentry? I suppose that three or four hour long specials is a bit much to hope for isn't it.  :D


Off Topic / Re: Man Stuff
« on: 02 September, 2013, 10:02:34 PM »
Ive spent time on summat similar, when i was helping out working with our tree gang.
Good fun.



Books & Comics / Re: The 're-imagining' of Lobo [ala Twighlight!]
« on: 02 September, 2013, 09:57:25 PM »
 That's definitely not Main Man... Now this is a bit more like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ooZYjF0mI  :D


Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 02 September, 2013, 09:42:20 PM »
 It's just been on the news that broadcaster David Jacobs has died, he was 87.


Off Topic / Re: Man Stuff
« on: 02 September, 2013, 09:32:40 PM »
 Hi SimonB, Is the 'Bertha' you spoke of a mattock? It sounds like one, great tool for digging roots out, I've used them a few times when removing old Hawthorn hedges. Better than a stump grinder.
 I worked for about a year as the County Councils 'Shredder Man', a job which sadley no longer exists due to government cuts. I'd drive around Worcestershire in a modified Mercedes Sprinter (with a Greenmech 'Chipmaster 220' fitted to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeaOXfxzbJI A beast of a machine) I'd go to private houses and chip all their green waste (trees, branches, hedges etc.) Leaving them with bags of chippings. It was bloody hard work, but I loved that job.


Off Topic / Re: Man Stuff
« on: 01 September, 2013, 06:21:50 PM »
 I worked in a drop forge with a bloke, who would sit on the workbench and remove the hard skin on his feet with an angle grinder.  :o  He would also light his cigarette with a hot billet stright out of the furnace, you could smell his moustache singeing.


Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 01 September, 2013, 06:06:55 PM »
 So good to see all those folk dressed to impress. It just show's what a cool looking costume the Dredd uniform is.

 The ladies look especially lovely.


Off Topic / Re: Man Stuff
« on: 01 September, 2013, 05:52:29 PM »
 I like the sound of the "Show off your beard" thread...

 Not so keen on "Cocks and where to put them" though, as I have never kept poultry.


« on: 01 September, 2013, 10:00:26 AM »
 Well done Archie and James. Another great comp, cheers Owen. :thumbsup:


Creative Common / Re: Attempts at the sample scripts
« on: 27 August, 2013, 03:52:12 PM »
 Well done JT, that is wonderful news. :thumbsup:


« on: 26 August, 2013, 09:09:53 AM »
 1. James Dilworth - Lady Armitage.
 2. Dark Jimbo - Timothy Rex.
 3. flintlockjaw - Angel Sisters.

 HM. Albion

 Yet another tough month to judge, with loads of tip-top entries. Big hurrah to CFM for running an excellent show.


Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 25 August, 2013, 02:47:49 PM »
Thanks, After Effects rather than Photoshop, but yeah CG smoke and sparks and a stock muzzle flash.

A bit more appropriate than a patio and a trampoline in the background anyway...

 Guthrie crashes the BBQ?

 Again, great work.


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