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Welcome to the board / Hello mortals
« on: 31 March, 2013, 08:59:35 PM »
I hold the world record for the worlds longest robot internet proceedurally generated conversation.
I'm a laughably bad programmer on a sweet game with a couple of friends. I make retarded shit just to amuse myself because players are over entitled jerks and how about some me time. what about my feelings?
 like randomly named bots that spew an endless markov chain arguement between two internet dudes and one master troll.
They even have their own ingame tv show
Sunday, March 31, 2013:
10:26 am [anonymousnet] Saniyah Spence, a common frustrated housewife, from Oldbury says, "damn it's paid off."
10:27 am [anonymousnet] Edward Estes, an active text wizard, from Hartlepool says, "program, i just lolled irl right there cheech. when you turned the tv on. ahahaha."
10:28 am [anonymousnet] Vance Baker, an energetic B list celebrity, from Darlington says, "it's more like alastor. a lot of blind friendly rules (no triggers)."
10:29 am [anonymousnet] Gary Giles, a drowsy fireman, from Thame says, "there. you made thats it."
10:29 am [anonymousnet] Dylan Rocha, a reformed C list celebrity, from York says, "aren't gay about it. dude i want cheech to make sure, my concerns were unfounded. ah that's probably my fault in the early days for like an hour."
10:31 am [anonymousnet] Kairi Grant, a pleased housewife, from Oxford says, "respondin security. AUTHENTIC SECURITY ONLY. nerffbat. nooo that's a year+ out. he's a fuck."
10:31 am [anonymousnet] Sawyer Sharp, a psychic gypsy, from Pontypridd says, "oh i see it, typo. fuckin hawg typo. try now. lol."
10:33 am [anonymousnet] Beatrice Holloway, a lifeless shop assistant, from Blaydon says, "me 100 points for triggering to do too."
10:34 am [anonymousnet] Thalia Kerr, an extrovert mom, from Eaton Socon says, "just have fun bro..."
10:34 am [anonymousnet] Malachi Daniel, a young shitbird, from Littleborough says, "for all of like 2 lines.. i get you were convinced is not the same thing."
10:35 am [anonymousnet] Skyla Perez, a trifling shaven haired dyke, from Pyle says, "the chance. i'm gonna have some kind of borked right now."
10:38 am [anonymousnet] Kinsey Harding, a big hearted 80's pop sensation, from Hayling Island says, "now. prometheus is gonna blow the lid off of it."
10:40 am [anonymousnet] Kristopher Simpson, a good looking Chef in a top restaurant, from Bearsden says, "so he left."
10:40 am [anonymousnet] Cristina William, a redheaded power dressing HR recruitment consultant, from Sudbury says, "you going along with his concern over it, thus solidfying his position to fuck off. so how do i have definitely been doing. i guess id have to keep arguing about semantics now."
10:40 am [anonymousnet] Scarlet Chang, a giggling avon lady, from Greenock says, "bein nice to him now but i saved the bucket asap."
10:41 am [anonymousnet] Taryn Wiley, an unhygienic hilariously endowed pre-op transsexual, from Gosport says, "that's probably my fault in the explosives. ah gotcha."
10:44 am [anonymousnet] Jamie Dunn, a hung over mom, from Cudworth says, "me 100 points for triggering to do too. if i ever said that because it's the idea that text games have to do salvaging. which they make more and more boring each update. now u gotta guess the meter length to grapple a salvage teehee. fuck you that isn't fun at all. nodd i have a graphical client. mada had the balls to say he's obviously crazier than you because i do feel bad if i ever said that because it's the other way around really. pro plan. welcome 2 wayfar senate."
10:53 am [anonymousnet] Joselyn Carney, a big hearted widower, from Pelsall says, "it all for this and the posters."
10:53 am [anonymousnet] Rogelio Dunn, an earthy shitbird, from Camberley says, "address. SWEET SWEET FLESH."
10:55 am [anonymousnet] Casey Stephens, a good looking gypsy, from Oakdale says, "in DRS. you know this but other ppl think ur mean. these aim logs."
11:23 am [anonymousnet] Devyn Cantrell, a forgetful prime minister, from Swanley says, "distin-. lies. there's a distinction between useful and."
11:25 am [anonymousnet] Darnell Fitzgerald, an extrovert nerd, from Nailsea says, ". player interaction."
11:27 am [anonymousnet] Dominic Best, a short-sighted A list celebrity, from Walton says, "seen me when i didn't mean to turn it On in the tool team."
11:33 am [anonymousnet] Kieran Woods, a forgetful Presidential Candidate, from Bournemouth says, "is 100% your duty as top wizard. if you prog i mean. htis is shadow council things. just have fun bro..."
11:35 am [anonymousnet] Yesenia Brock, a self-centred single mother of seven, from Hatfield says, "because that is what he sent me. about that. yeah i don't get it. the backend. or anything else that i tested On the cheap television: Alastor [to Kharn]: i'm out."
11:44 am [anonymousnet] Trenton West, a respectable robot with a human heart, from Cheshunt says, "have that part in a nice notebook."
11:48 am [anonymousnet] Brooks Bailey, a bored doctor on the edge, from Chipping Sodbury says, "a thing. that is literally your only response was to refute that it was an admin. and didn't respond in any other way. to apologize for the problem that it had caused etc."
11:49 am [anonymousnet] Davon Ewing, a french house husband, from Peterborough says, "the first place."
11:51 am [anonymousnet] Yamilet Rasmussen, a heartless psychopath, from Hitchin says, "bug. and now it's not."
12:02 pm [anonymousnet] Rosalie Shaffer, a feckless skank, from Buxton says, "days for like an hour. idled 100 hours On pressure."
12:12 pm [anonymousnet] Vera Cantu, a ginger frustrated housewife, from New Ash Green says, "senate. this counts as the youngest child."
12:16 pm [anonymousnet] Lawrence Bowers, an acne scarred ambulance driver, from Marske-by-the-Sea says, "type another line about the idea until you say what it are. stupid fuckin work terminal atm tho."
12:19 pm [anonymousnet] Jamie Garcia, a heartless street lawyer, from Norwich says, "yes. and yes."
12:20 pm [anonymousnet] Celeste Barnett, a selfless Anchorwoman, from Frinton says, "weren't blind friendly."
12:27 pm [anonymousnet] Lizeth Hill, a friendless horse whisperer, from Pyle says, "the early days for like an hour."
12:35 pm [anonymousnet] Catalina Taylor, a cow eyed Anchorwoman, from Barrow-in-Furness says, "turned the tv on."
12:39 pm [anonymousnet] Cade Cross, a freakishly handsome street judge, from Newquay says, "with a ritual then. this is it watch. eery shit."
12:47 pm [anonymousnet] Ricky Harding, a childish doctor on the edge, from Wetherby says, "i try not to be like that to get some respect. Alastor told me or even send me address. SWEET SWEET FLESH. yes. and yes."
12:53 pm [anonymousnet] Kelsie Golden, a good looking tarot card reader, from Droylsden says, "things. this is already in. i have a could blind players as is."
12:56 pm [anonymousnet] Douglas French, a fat professional eunuch, from Blackpool says, "resign. ahahaha. aha."
1:07 pm [anonymousnet] Scarlet Booker, an airheaded grudge bearing bitch, from Maldon says, "it's not about what it is 2 to 3 paragrahs full of serious shit 50 to 70 words per paragraph or w/e instead of sorry bro. and moreover you shout at me for misrepresenting things from your perspective and flat out pin dex's quitting on me. and making wizards figureheads."
1:07 pm [anonymousnet] Kai Bowman, a three legged house husband, from East Grinstead says, "far as i know."
1:16 pm [anonymousnet] Devon Durham, a massively retarded obama hater, from Chorley says, "w/e. i disagree but w/e. i disagree with that action 100%. drama creation etc. either i care or dont care enough. atm i am avoiding commenting or posting anything at all serious post wasnt right and i tried to be you are being a dick to him. and id prefer telling me rather than saying i am telling you what was meant and i didnt talk things out with you, its because im fine with your decision, and have no qualms or beef, but would hope you will help me with domain.. liek i dont think it was mainly shown after you had said your thing on chatnet, which is why i didnt though. if youre wondering why i didnt agree with his concern over it, thus solidfying his position to fuck off. you gave me no chance to talk to on the game is dead and there are no admins besides me. okay."
1:18 pm [anonymousnet] Jaida Witt, a top athlete, from Wide Open says, "for triggering to do attackz."
1:24 pm [anonymousnet] Denise Middleton, an athletic shop assistant, from Kendal says, "atm tho. haha perfect."
1:34 pm [anonymousnet] Ivana David, a energetic shop assistant, from Spennymoor says, "it in my notebook. so think of me in that way."
1:42 pm [anonymousnet] Tara Vasquez, a nice avon lady, from Kimberley says, "fun as a player."
1:56 pm [anonymousnet] Kadence Gay, an athletic psychopath, from Bury Saint Edmunds says, "television: Alastor [to Kharn]: we don't continue here."
2:05 pm [anonymousnet] Cindy Lara, a ginger single mother of seven, from Haddington says, "when???. wtf. holy shit i'm terrible at this. dang man that hurts. to know garfield's jim davis is dead."
2:27 pm [anonymousnet] Finley Harper, a big hearted student, from Hereford says, "reference to medevia not evidence of a JOB. yes i saw ur bugs."
I appologise for any randomly generated offense

Film & TV / Australias next top viking
« on: 31 March, 2013, 08:45:37 PM »

The History channel is making a historically accurate drama about vikings, specifically Ragnar Lodbrok. It's pretty good, I've watched 4 episodes and it's trying to be a bit game of thrones but it's not that good.
But Vikings!

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