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General / Re: Subscriber free gifts.
« on: 23 September, 2019, 10:01:48 PM »
I'll sell it to you on eBay for £100 just as soon as it is "OOP".

Suggestions / Re: ‘Vote Dave’ tshirt please!
« on: 23 September, 2019, 10:01:07 PM »
Nope, I was worried someone had theirs first.

Love the idea that in some print shop, there's a bemused guy doing a run of Dave t-shirts.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 23 September, 2019, 09:59:17 PM »
IP exists in order to incentivise creative individuals to continue to create things.

The problem is that it is abused. But that does not affect the underlying rationale or reality of it.

True, ideas as a thing cannot be protected. They cannot be property. Inherently, once communicated, they are in the wild (hmm... there's a future shock in that). IP law is, therefore, an artificial construct designed to creat and attribute value to them.

To that extent, they are property. But only because the law says that they are.

In fact, the alternative to most of the laws to which Shark objects, should they be scrapped, is anarchy. I disagree with a lot of posts here for that reason.

But that is not to say things should not be questioned or unchanged. The rules are good for all, but only if the rules are fair. The problem is that the rules are often rigged. But that does not mean they should be scrapped or sacrificed on the altar of principle.

General / Re: Subscriber free gifts.
« on: 23 September, 2019, 09:53:18 PM »
I shifted to an annual sub just to get the gifts, a few years back.

General / Re: What to read after 9 years away?
« on: 23 September, 2019, 08:26:11 PM »
I'd just read the last 9 years. Seriously. Why not?

Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« on: 22 September, 2019, 10:53:01 AM »
Just finished Normal by Warren Ellis. It's a glorified short story - maybe 100 pages - with a locked room conundrum: what happened to the guy, locked in his room with no way in or out, and why has he been replaced by a swarm of insects?

Off Topic / Re: The Progmuda Triangle
« on: 22 September, 2019, 10:33:23 AM »

It's been over a year since my subscriber prog arrived on a Saturday.

Welcome to Wednesday, punks.

Off Topic / Re: Friday chat - what's happening with you?
« on: 20 September, 2019, 10:05:06 PM »
Mrs X is away to Manchester with her sister - they live at opposite ends of the country and have a weekend away once a year somewhere in the middle.

So, binge watching Preacher S3.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 18 September, 2019, 04:46:39 PM »
again: I had to go online to find out how to finish the game's tutorial.

that was it for me and I quit the game, uninstalled the data, and sold the game on Ebay for a fiver, an act that feels less like a monetary transaction and more like passing on a cursed parchment that brings only misery.
A frustrating, joyless slog of a game.

My very experience of Endless Legend yesterday. Bought cheap on a sale, uninstalled when the tutorial asked me to put a marker on a "Dye Site" without explaining what that actually was. Life is too short, and I have lived more than half of it already.

Off Topic / Re: Friday chat - what's happening with you?
« on: 15 September, 2019, 09:25:13 PM »
Watched SW Ep 1 last night and it was good. I think they could make a sequel.

I wish they had.

Actually it was Ep 4, A New Hope, but I get confused. The gag stands.

Off Topic / Re: Friday chat - what's happening with you?
« on: 15 September, 2019, 03:39:41 PM »
Just ran the Cumbernauld 10K. 51:42 was the official time but I am going with my Fitbit's 50:55.

Either way, the fastest I have run for a couple of years.

Now just about to load up Astral Chain on the Switch.

Watched SW Ep 1 last night and it was good. I think they could make a sequel.

Suggestions / Re: ‘Vote Dave’ tshirt please!
« on: 11 September, 2019, 07:31:53 PM »
They had to go and make two.

Bought the one without Dredd. And a lawgiver t. And some specials.

Music / Re: Misheard lyrics
« on: 04 September, 2019, 12:06:32 AM »
Don't want to start a new thread, but I am chuckling at hearing a Scottish commentator repeatedly refer to Boris Johnson as Maurice Johnston.

Off Topic / Re: Friday chat - what's happening with you?
« on: 01 September, 2019, 08:24:47 PM »
I've been lost in an alcholic fugue since Friday: do on Friday (5pm-11.30pm), do on Saturday (2pm-8pm, then a bottle of wine); football this afternoon (11.30-5ish).

NOT a normal weekend.

I could do this week in week out... twenty years ago.  Now, I just want a cup of team and a mint club.

Suggestions / Re: ‘Vote Dave’ tshirt please!
« on: 01 September, 2019, 08:21:50 PM »

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