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Off Topic / Re: Pssst....come here...............
« on: 27 April, 2003, 05:22:19 AM »
>A have vague memories of crying with laughter at a racketball loser called the Obliterator, or something.
>Anyone elaborate?

Delving into my vid-slugs:

The Eradicator was Bruce McCulloch (the little guy), dressed for a game of squash with a black balaclava. He burst into a company board meeting to confront Scott who plays an employee called Armstrong about the scheduled squash game he missed. The game was part of what seemed to be called the 'D-Squash Ladder'. The Eradicator claimed vistory by "D-fault".

"Another win for The Eradicator! I climb the D-Squash ladder one rung at a time. Today you were my rung, Armstrong."

He leaves Armstrong with a squashball upon which is a picture of a skull 'n' cross-rackets.

He meets Dave and Kevin outside the courts and schedules a game with Kevin.

"I am your worst nightmare.... I am The Eradicator! When I stand atop the D-Squash ladder, then -- and only then -- will I reveal my true identity."

"You will now spend each moment between now and the match worrying. Every minute will be a universe of terror, a marathon of fear."

He plays against Kevin, after having slept in the squash court overnight to get a feel for it. He loses and they are seen in the shower together. Bruce still wears the mask, and tells Kevin he has the right to unmask him. Kevin declines, but tells The Eradicator he could always join the volleyball team.

The parting shot is of The Eradicator in a gym holding a white volleyball upon which is his new emblem of a skull above crossed arms.


Link: Here's the full sketch transcript

Off Topic / Re: Pssst....come here...............
« on: 27 April, 2003, 03:23:31 AM »
Is it beacuse I have a cabbage for a head?

The Dave song is one of my favourite sketches, like most of the KITH stuff it manages to be funny, witty, and silly.

Running Faggot,
Running Freeee!

General / Re: Rge Greatest Cover Ever: Round...
« on: 25 April, 2003, 11:05:00 AM »
Not only was it my house number for many years but I have the giant poster!


(with apologies to Cam Kennedy and The Midnight Surfer)

Off Topic / Re: Game idea for Rebellion.......
« on: 24 April, 2003, 10:48:26 AM »
A Rogue Trooper game is in the works.

Rebellion are working on a demo at the moment so that they can tout it around to prospective publishers.

General / Re: The Greatest Cover Ever: Round...
« on: 23 April, 2003, 12:36:52 PM »
Logan ain't wrong about the choice of almost great covers, but no stand-outs. This round is tough.

There are several I could pick...
Cam Kennedy mimicking McMahon's Slaine style, and later with a couple of nice Rogue's. Ezquerra with some dramatic Stronty stuff. Dredd & Mean. City of the Damned. Too many. Ack!

I'm going to cop out and plump for the one that still makes me laugh.


General / Re: The Greatest Cover Ever: Round...
« on: 22 April, 2003, 05:17:08 PM »
323 does it for me.

It reeks of thrill power, though the numbers on the bio-chips make it look as though it should have appeared two weeks previously.

Off Topic / Re: last flight of what ever it i...
« on: 11 May, 2003, 04:38:45 PM »
The Animatrix is first class and is well worth buying when it comes out on DVD.

I say that as someone who for a long time hated the original movie. I would've walked out of the cinema if it wasn't for the fact I was sitting next to my boss and his wife who paid for my ticket. But I've come to terms with it now in the face of the mind-jamming Reloaded trailer and the superb work on The Animatrix. Plus I think I've lost a lot of brain cells in the past three years and that helps.

Buy this and put it between Final Fantasy And Ghost in the Shell... both of which I hated. Hmmmm.

General / Re: Guest Writers/Artists on Dredd...
« on: 18 April, 2005, 06:20:51 AM »
I'd be interested to see what Christopher Priest could do.

Well, two years later I can tell you he'd do very badly indeed. I stumbled across a page on his site the other day. He wrote issues 16 and 17 for the DC Dredd. They're awful.

You can find the script for the #16 story on the page linked below, along with his thoughts on the matter.

Link: Christopher J Priest on Dredd

General / Re: Childhood Trauma
« on: 22 April, 2003, 08:44:01 PM »
Sounds like it might be From Beyond the Grave which was made by Amicus. It's the one where Peter Cushing has an antiques shop. In one of the stories a married man fancies a young woman, and he kills his wife (Dors) in order to marry her. Presumably Dors has voodooed the doll.

I think the Diana Dors segment in Theatre of Blood was the bit where Price (in disguise) has an affair with her, setting up her husband's discovery of the infidelity. He strangles her.

I see Smiley beat me to it!

General / Re: Childhood Trauma
« on: 22 April, 2003, 07:08:12 PM »
Oops! So there's pages 3 and 4 to this thread eh? How fiendish!

I see Smiley remembers the faceless Nun too!

Adrian Bamforth, the Hammer House of Horror story about the possessed house was called 'The House That Bled to Death". I can still hear the little girl calling for her cat... "Timmy!"

And I too remember the curtains in the Werewolf episode. That, and the scene from Salem's Lot, made me nervous about going near first floor windows at night.

General / Re: Childhood Trauma
« on: 22 April, 2003, 06:53:07 PM »
Sorry to dig up an old thread but I stumbled onto it and felt I had to put Matt out of his misery...

The first program you're referring to was a BBC adaption of E. Nesbit's children's classic 'The Enchanted Castle'. It was broadcast twice, and managed to disturb me both times with the scene you mention. By the way, the children named the animated clothes 'Ugly-Wuglies'.

The second program sounds like it might be the first Sapphire & Steel story which concerns time slips in a country house, but I wouldn't swear to it.

And to add to the (dead) thread:

As a child I used to stay up late at weekends to watch the horror films which always seemed to be on in the 70s. I was unfortunate to see an obscure TV movie called 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,' about these scary little goblins things that live in an old house. A young woman moves into the house and... I looked under my bed every night for the next ten years!


Check the URL above to see how others were deeply affected in a similar way. The movie is currently being re-made for release in 2004.

Oh, and The Quiet Nun... one of those Armchair Thriller type things. All I remember is a nun in a creepy rocking chair and the camera moves around and there's just this black void in her where her face should be. Freaked me out!

Link: The Enchanted Castle on-line novel

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