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Suggestions / #2 A Netflix style way to read old progs
« on: 20 April, 2019, 02:11:09 PM »
So as I understand it Rebellion can't reprint all the old progs due to historic licensing issues (Dan Dare, old adverts for Star Wars toys) some either creator-owned/creator-contested stories and also some oddities like data protection and even clearances of reader's art.

But I'm pretty sure that they could certainly offer a Netflix type reading service for:
- Everything that remains in print i.e. everything Hachette are putting out
- Prog 1300 onwards

So I get that you don't want to either put off subscribers or purchases of recent reprints so maybe do the old IPC Annual rule of not offering any story less than 5 years old.

As long as progs could be index linked to read complete stories I'd pay to have them on an App just so I could plough through the thrills.

Suggestions / #1 A full-size version of Nemesis Book 10 by Henry Flint
« on: 20 April, 2019, 02:04:42 PM »
So this would be my dream.
Issue Nemesis Book 10 to same specifications as the old Titan Books for a premium price
It's the only Nemesis book never to be reprinted full-size and I do think the detail in the artwork justifies it.

I've got one of a number of Brett Ewins signed prints available from late 80s/early 90s.

I've heard separately that Tom Frame produced them so if that's the case, it's possible your cover print was produced at the same time.

The GOSH prints were signed by BB at the Cursed Earth HC release and haven't sold out to this day even at a quite reasonable £25. To put that in context 'Gaze into the face of Dredd' print sold out at £100 and is still being sought.

So you've got something interesting but it's probably not materially worth more than the GOSH print unless like you say its substancially bigger.

General / Re: Art of Brian Bolland Image books for sale
« on: 20 March, 2019, 01:26:55 PM »
Amazon UK still has copies around £25 mark at least from 3rd parties
It is really good
And Brian had a hand in the repro
Highly recommended

Events / Re: LAWLESS: A Celebration Of British Comics 2019
« on: 20 March, 2019, 12:38:23 PM »
PM you

General / Re: Art of Brian Bolland Image books for sale
« on: 19 March, 2019, 08:22:32 PM »
We're all mild-mannered people here, right? Not like that FB crowd.

Okay. Well...

I don't think people understood the message about these books. And maybe Brian was amongst them.

Clearly Image were saying "Brian unfortunately you need to either buy a large stock of these books at $7 a piece because any that aren't sold back to the creator, will have to be pulped"

It's all a bit unfortunate but by posting it publicly I think there's been a missunderstanding that anyone other than the creator was able to buy these. Then FB posters started saying they wanted them signed (not bad for your $7) and then started asking Brian about postage, delivery times etc. and when they would arrive.

After postage to UK (presumably to Brian), plus import tax, and then the cost of presumably Brian) posting them back out to individual buyers, I'm pretty sure they would be a lot closer in price to the £25 they've always been on Amazon.

I'm also mystified by the 'I've always loved your work Brian BUT I've never seen this book before" crowd.
Real true fans

Books & Comics / Re: Musing About Signed Comics
« on: 13 March, 2019, 08:05:48 PM »
I've checked again and it might have been Roland

Books & Comics / Re: Musing About Signed Comics
« on: 11 March, 2019, 04:53:37 PM »
Brett Ewins was half-way through signing 26 comics for "Rupert" in Orbital

I asked, as I only had one book, if I could cut in. Rupert agreed.

And Brett signed it accordingly.
"To Rupert"

If anyone knows a Judge Anderson fan called Rupert...

Help! / Re: Can the FX in the prequel Star Wars be in 4K?
« on: 07 March, 2019, 09:39:48 AM »
I know its very dull to criticise old films but from that era I watched Moulin Rouge last night and the pan through the city and the rendering looked terrible
Just so low res - like an 80s pop video

Help! / Re: Advice on getting rid of old 2000AD comics
« on: 07 March, 2019, 09:38:34 AM »
1208 is sold for between £10-£25

The Extreme Collection would probably sell on eBay for £40 as a collection

Sell the Megs at £30 per 2 years where you've got runs
Meg 4.1 to 4.18 is quite a nice set so again put them up for £30

All the others I'd just let go...

Classifieds / Re: EARTHSIDE 8 FOR SALE
« on: 17 February, 2019, 01:16:13 PM »
Well, fuck me!

The irony here is that anyone that daft probably hasn't learned to read yet.

Seems like a pretty fair price for an unreleased comic. And a small piece of IPC history.

Help! / Re: Can the FX in the prequel Star Wars be in 4K?
« on: 18 December, 2018, 01:38:28 PM »
That's really interesting. Thanks for the answers.

Help! / Can the FX in the prequel Star Wars be in 4K?
« on: 13 December, 2018, 05:12:30 PM »
I might be being thick
But in the Prequel Trilogy is there actually enough information on screen CGI to create a true 4K version.
Or were the FX a lot softer in those days?
Would they render it all out again?

Prog / Re: PROG 2111 - Welcome to the Thrill-Party!
« on: 10 December, 2018, 01:32:20 PM »
Fair enough.

I didn't realise that Alan had publicly been rude about Richard's editorial ability.

Prog / Re: PROG 2111 - Welcome to the Thrill-Party!
« on: 09 December, 2018, 09:02:02 PM »
I've re-read it a couple of time but in the interview I found Richard Burton's assessment of Alan Grant bordering on offensive.

"like so many double acts, the talent lay with John, and I'm sure Alan would agree with that."

Really? Well how about a statement from Alan himself to either agree or challenge that opinion.
I think I find it incredibly biased as he has already stated he didn't get on well with Alan.

Just odd given:
a) Alan went on to do incredible runs on Batman, Anderson PSI Division and others
b) Alan is credited with being a great early supporter of everyone from Alan Moore, to Morrison and Millar. Taking the time to give feedback and handwrite replies etc.

Seemed a bit of a sour note to go unchallenged.

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