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Author Topic: Dredd or Alive audio cd review from Borderline.  (Read 1801 times)

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Dredd or Alive audio cd review from Borderline.
« on: 03 April, 2002, 07:26:11 AM »
Please note it has a brief, vague description of plot at the beginning of review. So as soon as you read it, quickly skip that paragraph and read the rest!

Oh isn't exciting!


by David Bishop.

review by BORDERLINE's John Parkinson

A few seconds into the first original audio drama to come from the
2000AD stable and the gravel-like tones of Judge Dredd thunder through
my headphones; 'No criminal escapes the law. I am the law.' In this
first play, penned by former Judge Dredd: Megazine editor David Bishop
- no stranger to the futuristic world of Mega-City 1, Dredd is trying
to track down the shadowy boss of the Frendz crime syndicate, while
dodging killer robots, assessing a rookie judge's final test to gain
her full eagle and all as a mysterious sickness called Mad Judge
Disease is plaguing the law enforcers of the crime ridden metropolis.

Is it possible to take something from a medium so reliant on the image
and successfully transfer it to audio? I was hopeful but also
sceptical, since as a long-time fan of 2000AD and Judge Dredd, I can't
help but think back to the last time Dredd was given a voice, in that
movie. I'm pleased to be able to say that, yes, it is possible. This is
an entertaining story and it is quite a pleasure to finally hear Dredd,
Hershey and some of the sounds of Mega City one.

Toby Longworth's Joe Dredd is in keeping with the character who's been
dispensing justice for over 25 years in the pages of 2000AD. Stern and
dedicated to the law, but occasionally showing the vein of dark humour
running through his performance, which has always been the trademark of
the largely satirical strip. He is ably supported by the rest of the
cast, which includes Claire Buckfield, (from British sitcom 2.4
children), as Cadet Amy Steel.

One criticism of this first audio would be that there is a tendency for
characters to describe what they're doing. This is, to an extent, true
to the strip; since Lawgivers are voice controlled, Judges do need to
shout 'Hi-Ex!' before firing off a high explosive bullet, which also
conveniently tips off the reader as to what they're going to do. There
were a couple of instances, however, where characters were keeping up
too much of an vocal monologue to explain their actions where I feel it
was possible to know what was happening based on the sound effects and
knowing the situation the characters were currently in. This is an
audio drama, after all, and not a spoken word book. I put this down to
Bishop; while being an experienced Dredd scribe, not being an
experienced audio writer and I hope this problem will become less
evident with his later scripts.

That's not enough to put me off this, though, and I would have listened
to this more than once immediately even if I'd not been called to
review it. So, a fine start to the 2000AD Presents series of audios,
and hopefully one that will be built on in future releases.

For all the latest news on the new Big Finish range of 2000AD Audio
Dramas, featuring Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper, keep
reading BORDERLINE, available for free download every month from our
new Citiblock at: http://www.coolbeansworld.com

Issue #9 features an overview of the new range, interviews with David
Bishop and Dave Stone, and a studio report on the second Dredd audio:
JUDGE DREDD: DEATH TRAP by David Bishop. Available for download from
April 2nd.


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Re: Dredd or Alive audio cd review...
« Reply #1 on: 03 April, 2002, 07:29:55 AM »
Oh, conflicting reports.  I'm still keen to try it out though.

Any one fancy a quickie (in a non-sexual sense)in the chat room?


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Re: Dredd or Alive audio cd review...
« Reply #2 on: 03 April, 2002, 07:35:15 AM »
I guess it's best to hear the whole thing rather than the 20 minute preview. Then you get judge it fairly.

Besides even if you hate the preview, cds make great portable mirrors!

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Re: Dredd or Alive audio cd review...
« Reply #3 on: 03 April, 2002, 07:37:44 AM »
Quickie? Quickie?

My typing tonight is atrocious.