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Author Topic: submitting art  (Read 241 times)

Peter Wolf

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submitting art
« on: 26 April, 2007, 04:45:43 PM »
hi everyone i want to submit some finished art very soon for the april competition that is massimo themed.problem is without sounding "thick" i dont know how to post images unliss i presume its the same as when you send an email.just want to know for sure.obviously i have a scanner. thanks a lot if anyone can  help.   as an aside if anyone likes my work then i am open to belardinalli commisions from anyone here. i have to say that my style is virtually identical to his work but i am not a pro so therefore i dont really have my own style.i  lift whole images from belardinellis strips or sometimes change scenes + add or take away  characters. i guess i just want to honour the great guy himself  + do wish i had done this before he went to the other side. so sorry to hear about that.i will post some images once i know how. thanks a lot .guys.peter.
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