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Author Topic: Mung buckets!!!  (Read 235 times)

El Sloano

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Mung buckets!!!
« on: 07 July, 2007, 11:32:16 AM »
Hi folks, El Sloano here. I did a count about ten years ago and reckon it was about 28 letters or so published in the Meg. Being a cheeky opinionated b`stard, I invite anyone to go out and hunt down a copy of "my" comic, The Freedom Collective, pub. by Rough Cut Comics in 2003. It depicts an alternate Superhero comics universe as it might have been portrayed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, had they been born in Russia and not America. Mike Baron, co-creator of Nexus and The Badger, last seen writing Kiss comics for Dark Horse e-mailed me personally to tell me it was, and I quote, "Bilge".  Alternatively, email me at el_sloano@yahoo.com and I`m sure we can come to an agreement. Remember that name, The Freedom Collective!
Bye for now, pals! P.S., Did that Matt and Sloano Extreme edition come out?

Link: @.