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Author Topic: How about some Lead 28mm Judge Dredd Licensing?  (Read 1665 times)


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How about some Lead 28mm Judge Dredd Licensing?
« on: 13 December, 2001, 07:22:53 am »
Well, as people have complained about me reading JD in WHsmiths how about something that will get some money out of me.

The Citadel/Games Workshop RPG miniatures now go for a small bloody fortune.  I think that with a new Dredd RPG coming out next year, Rebellion should sell the licnese to the lead figures which would sell to rpg'ers and fans alike.

Games Workshop may no longer be interested but I'm sure someone else would.  Icon minaitures (previously Harlequin Miniatures) licensed the Dr Who figures and did a great job.  they also did Babylon 5 and Lord of the Rings (before GW) so obviously don't mind a bit of licensing action.

I'd buy them, and why stop there, Nemesis the warlock figures, Slaine figures, Rogue, Strontium, a Harry twenty Box set?  A great opportunity maybe.  I'd buy em'.