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Author Topic: Totally new to here and just looking for pointers on if there are any collectors  (Read 597 times)


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Hi all,
I have most all copies of 2000AD from issue 68 through to 965 (list available on request).
Yes I was an issue 1 reader but unfortunately my family didnt realise (due to my age) that I wanted to keep them. So, as a result of this, my collection starts later!
Condition ranges from a few as very good, most are good but some go down to thumbed.
I am looking at selling them as space has become an issue.
Does anyone know how they might be moved easily?



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Just do what I did. I have a cupboard under my stairs and there was a bit under the last 6 steps that were totally blocked off so I cut away the plaster board and created new storage space for my Prog's.

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