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Author Topic: Wayfar1444: So indie it's not even on kickstarter  (Read 1205 times)


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Wayfar1444: So indie it's not even on kickstarter
« on: 31 March, 2013, 09:49:09 PM »
Dwarf Fortress really made me want to do a procedurally generated project, and I noticed a distinct lack of cutting edge, or even barely awesome space MOO/MUDs.  I started work on my third personal game project.

I have reached alpha completion on a sci fi MOO, Wayfar 1444.  It's kind of a dwarf fort, conquestmud campy/far future sci fi game that I've been working on for about a year.  Things that are working as of now include procedurally generated planets, kingdom of loathing inspired reroll system, modern style skill based advancement, exploration & crafting, vehicles, aircraft, turrets, starships, player owned shops & buildings, hacking, procedural wildlife and resources, robot control and a unique dice pool based combat system.

Wayfar is a proceedurally generated space text multiplayer rpg thing created by an internet friend named genmac and myself and a few other people have helped out by adding such things as a dubstep mode
  [chatzone] wubwobblewobblewubwubwwobblewwubb
  [chatzone] bwobblewwobblebwubwobwob
  [chatzone] wobwobblewwbwwob
  [chatzone] Aphteroid says, "oh for fuck's sake i'm writing a god damn verb"
  [chatzone] wwubbwobblewobwobwobblewobblewubwwubwub
  [chatzone] wubbwwwwubwobble
  [chatzone] wobblewobwubbwobblewwobblewobwobwob
  [chatzone] Aphteroid says, "have you any idea how difficult it is to program when all the verb code is filtered into dubstep"
and dubstep guns
  Aphteroid goes for his dubstep gun.
  Aphteroid wields his dubstep gun.
  Aphteroid switches targets to ASecretiveMan.
  ASecretiveMan removes his adminium jumpsuit.
  hadi says, "oh gaud"
  Aphteroid WUBWUBWUBwwwbbbbbBBBBWOBBLEbbbbwbwbwbWOBBLEwobbleWWUB ASecretiveMan
    holy shit
  Aphteroid crumples to the ground, gasps out his last breath, and dies.
  [gamenet] [Fri Sep 28 09:25:04 2012 EDT] Aphteroid (#10193) died at leafy wood
  [laff zone] Aphteroid was killed by forces unknown.
There are rumours of rogue dubstep robots roaming one of the planets but I cannot confirm or deny.

We also have spaceships, planets, jetpacks, lasers, dangerously sentient arguement bots, weather and sometimes we have players and many other exciting features that aren't all dubstep related.

We are
Hawgpadre/genmac - pays for everything with his vegas slots dollars if he doesn't spend it on weed first.
Aphteroid - also known as cataphteroid. recently converted to christianity  in order get laid.
ASmallMoose = may or may not be massively obese. but he is fat.
Adminski - occasionally shows up and posts mail telling us how awful we are
Dragon - A geniune Iranian
Dibolcrif - was forced to ascend at gunpoint and doesn't really know why or what to do.
Eazy - currently starring in ice boat fish truckers reality tv show in canada or something
Me - A drunk

We don't know what we're doing  :o
  84 on *comedy (#104047)                        // Thu Jul 26 08:52:21 2012 EDT
  Aphteroid's Accidents 26/07/12                 // From: Aphteroid (#10193)
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   Joke                  | Submitted             //  +1/  0 votes
  Whilst developing an action to let NPCs fly planes, I decided to test things
    out by sitting a complex two ranger in the cockpit of a vertibird and
    forcing him to perform this action. He took off perfectly fine before
    mysteriously dissapearing out of the cockpit, various alarm bells were
    ringing because he appeared to be performing ~5 actions a second.
  It was then I realised I'd overlooked a single line in the action code which
    actually moves the vehicle, it actually moved HIM rather than the vertibird
    but because the vertibird wasn't moving anywhere he was stuck moving east
    until I killed him. He'd made about two orbits of WY-1444 by the time I
    relieved him of the horrors of travel_flyer.
  Remember folks, it's always the small things that break the big things.
54 on *comedy (#104047)                        // Sat Jun 30 07:32:24 2012 EDT
  safe!                                          // From: CheechLizard (#18347)
   Category              | Status                // Unassigned
   Joke                  | Submitted             //  +1/  0 votes
  Gilgamesh gives his dorg repellent a couple of shakes and begins spraying his
  Gilgamesh exclaims, "Safe!"
  The polar dorg growls viciously.
  The polar dorg snaps at Gilgamesh!
  The polar dorg lands a successful attack on Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh switches targets to a polar dorg.
  Gilgamesh rears back for a vicious slash at a polar dorg!
  Gilgamesh lands a successful attack on a polar dorg!
  The polar dorg switches targets to Gilgamesh.
  The polar dorg slashes at Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh rears back for a vicious slash at a polar dorg!         
  The polar dorg lands a successful attack on Gilgamesh!
  Gilgamesh crumples to the ground, gasps out his last breath, and dies.

come play, hang out and get drunk with us